World War Ii D Day

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D-Day D-Day, the 6th of June, is one of the most significant dates in the calendar. The twentieth century's fate hung in the balance, as Nazi Germany had marched across Europe, bringing the blitzkrieg, the Holocaust, and the mad dreams of Adolf Hitler across the bloodied landscape of Europe. France had fallen, and until the Americans joined the battle in December 1941, the balance of power was securely in the hands of the Third Reich. But even as the Allied forces joined together under the leadership of Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Germany continued to win battles. In order for the Nazis to be stopped, the Allies had to invade occupied Europe. And invade they did, launching the most massive amphibious landing the world had ever seen. Inside you will read about... - Countdown to D-Day - Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower - The Invasion Planning is Underway - A Day in June - The German Response - The Invasion - End Game And much more! The pantheon of heroes of the Normandy invasion includes soldiers who are unknown except for the crosses that bear their names in the cemeteries where they were buried, but all, those who died and those who survived, played their part in the liberation of Europe.

D Day Diary

Author: Carol Harris
Publisher: The History Press
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Eyewitness accounts of the experiences of those who participated in D-Day, including sailors, soldiers, airmen, and civilians from both sidesHistorian Carol Harris collects together remarkable tales of bravery, survival, and sacrifice from what was one of the war's most dramatic and pivotal episodes, and presents them arranged as a chronological narrative. June 6, 1944 is one of the most memorable dates of World War II. It marked the beginning of the end of the conflict as Allied forces invaded Normandy and fought their way into Nazi-occupied Europe. Operation Overlord, as the invasion was codenamed, was an incredible feat that proved to be a turning point which would eventually result in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Around 150,000 soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy on the first day in the largest amphibious operation in history, and within a month more than 1 million men had been put ashore. As memory becomes history, firsthand accounts of this incredible moment become more and more precious.


Author: Wayne Vansant
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Normandy depicts the planning and execution of Operation Overlord in 96 full-color pages. The initial paratrooper assault is shown, as well as the storming of the five D-Day beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. But the story does not end there. Once the Allies got ashore, they had to stay ashore. The Germans made every effort to push them back into the sea. This book depicts the such key events in the Allied liberation of Europe as: 1. Construction of the Mulberry Harbors, two giant artificial harbors built in England and floated across the English Channel so that troops, vehicles, and supplies could be offloaded across the invasion beaches.2. The Capture of Cherbourg, the nearest French port, against a labyrinth of Gennan pillboxes.3. The American fight through the heavy bocage (hedgerow country) to take the vital town of Saint-Lô.4. The British-Canadian struggle for the city of Caen against the “Hitler Youth Division,” made up of 23,000 seventeen- and eighteen-year-old Nazi fanatics.5. The breakout of General Patton’s Third Army and the desperate US 30th Division’s defense of Mortaine.6. The Falaise Pocket, known as the “Killing Ground, ” where the remnants of two German armies were trapped and bombed and shelled into submission. The slaughter was so great that 5,000 Germans were buried in one mass grave. 7. The Liberation of Paris, led by the 2nd Free French Armored Division, which had been fighting for four long years with this goal in mind.

What Was D Day

Author: Patricia Brennan Demuth
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An introduction to one of the most famous historical moments in war time: D-Day.

D Day Illustrated Edition

Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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Updated with more than 120 photographs, a visual edition of Ambrose's definitive account of D-Day traces the epic stories of the soldiers and junior officers who fought and defeated Hitler's armies.

D Day In History And Memory

Author: Michael Dolski
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
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Over the past sixty-five years, the Allied invasion of Northwestern France in June 1944, known as D-Day, has come to stand as something more than a major battle. The assault itself formed a vital component of Allied victory in the Second World War. D-Day developed into a sign and symbol; as a word it carries with it a series of ideas and associations that have come to symbolize different things to different people and nations. As such, the commemorative activities linked to the battle offer a window for viewing the various belligerents in their postwar years. This book examines the commonalities and differences in national collective memories of D-Day. Chapters cover the main forces on the day of battle, including the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France and Germany. In addition, a chapter on Russian memory of the invasion explores other views of the battle. The overall thrust of the book shows that memories of the past vary over time, link to present-day needs, and also still have a clear national and cultural specificity. These memories arise in a multitude of locations such as film, books, monuments, anniversary celebrations, and news media representations.

Forgotten Voices Of D Day

Author: Roderick Bailey
Publisher: Random House
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6 June 1944: the day Allied forces crossed the Channel and began fighting their way into Nazi-occupied Northwest Europe. Initiated by airborne units and covered by air and naval bombardment, the Normandy landings were the most ambitious combined airborne and amphibious assault ever attempted. Their success marked the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. Drawing on thousands of hours of eyewitness testimony recorded by the Imperial War Museum, Forgotten Voices of D-Day tells the compelling story of this turning point in World War 2. Hearing from paratroopers and commandos, glider pilots and landing craft crewmen, airmen and naval personnel, we learn first-hand what it was like as men waited to go in, as they neared the beaches and drop zones, and as they landed and met the enemy. Accounts range from memories of the daring capture of 'Pegasus' bridge by British glider-bourn troops to recollections of brutal fighting as the assault forces stormed the beaches. Featuring a mass of previously unpublished material, Forgotten Voices of D-Day is a powerful and important new record of a defining moment in modern history.

The World War Ii D Day Invasion In American History

Author: R. Conrad Stein
Publisher: Enslow Pub Incorporated
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Discusses the events surrounding the D-Day invasion of Europe by Allied Forces on June 6, 1944.

Normandy Crucible

Author: John Prados
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101516615
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A military intelligence expert examines the most formative battle of World War II. The Battle of Normandy was the greatest offensive campaign the world had ever seen. Millions of soldiers battling for control of Europe were thrust onto the front lines of a massive war unlike any experienced in history. But the greatest of clashes would prove to be the crucible in which the outcome of World War II would be decided. Author John Prados tells the story of how and why the tactics and battle plans of Normandy proved so formative, and reconstructs the climactic Allied Normandy breakout from both sides of the battle lines.

D Day History In An Hour

Author: Rupert Colley
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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.