Why Men Fight

Author: Bertrand Russell
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Stories From The History Of Rome Serapis Classics

Author: Emily Beesly
Publisher: Serapis Classics
ISBN: 3962559671
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THERE once reigned in a town called Alba in Italy a king whose name was Numitor. He had a brother called Amulius, who was a proud and wicked man, and could not bear that his elder brother should be king over him. So Amulius plotted against his brother. He got together a number of men who were as bad and cruel as himself, and they attacked Numitor and drove him from his throne, and made Amulius king in his stead. They took the sons of Numitor, and his daughter Rhea Silvia, and killed them. Then Amulius seized the two little sons of Rhea Silvia, who were still only babies; he gave them to his soldiers, and told them to throw the poor little boys into the River Tiber. "Then," thought he, "they will be drowned. There will be none of my brother's children left to trouble me, and I shall be king all my life." The soldiers took the two babies in their cradle, lying side by side fast asleep, and carried them to the river...


Author: Georg Ebers
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The Story Of Norway

Author: Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
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The Blue Lagoon

Author: Henry De Vere Stacpoole
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1304814351
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The Blue Lagoon is a romance novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole, first published in 1908 and it became an instant success. Two young children are the survivors of a shipwreck in the South Pacific. After days afloat, they arrive and are stranded on a lush tropical island. Together, cousins Richard and Emmeline Lestrange have to survive solely on their resourcefulness, and the bounty of their remote paradise. Years pass and both Richard and Emmeline grow into tall, strong and beautiful young adults. They live in a hut and spend their days fishing, swimming, diving for pearls, and exploring the island. During this period, they get along unthinkingly, although Richard often ignores Emmeline or takes her for granted, unless he needs an audience for one of his stories. Eventually, strange emotions start influencing their relationship. Richard and Emmeline begin to fall in love, although they do not realize it. They are physically attracted to each other, but don't realize it or know how to express it.

The Call Of The Canyon

Author: Zane Grey
Publisher: Xist Publishing
ISBN: 1623959527
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The Call of the Canyon is a western novel about a soldier returning from war who is nursed back to health by an Arizona girl. It was adapted into a 1923 silent film and remains an enjoyable tale for readers today. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes

Seven Roman Statesmen Serapis Classics

Author: Charles Oman
Publisher: Serapis Classics
ISBN: 3962559604
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THERE WAS A TIME, NOT so very long ago, when the taunt was true that history was written as if it were a mere string of anecdotal biographies of great men. But for the last forty years the pendulum has been swinging so much in the other direction, that it has become necessary to enforce the lesson that the biographies of great men are, after all, a most important part of history. It is well to have conceptions of the streams of tendency and the typical developments of every age, but the blessed word "evolution" will not account for everything, and it is absurd to neglect the influence of the great personalities. Roman history in particular has been so much treated of late years as a mere example of constitutional growth and degeneration, or as a bundle of interesting administrative and legal details, that it seems not out of place to recall that other aspect of it which was more familiar to elder generations, and to look at it for a moment from the personal and biographical point of view, with Plutarch before us as well as Mommsen and Marquardt's Stoatsrecht and Staatsverwaltung. This is all the more rational because in the last century of the Roman Republic we find ourselves in a time of dominating personalities. In Rome's earlier days this was conspicuously not the case, and her history was (as has been truly said) the history of great achievements done by men who were themselves not great. But from the Gracchi onward we come to a period in which individuals make and mar the course of the times, when the doings of a Sulla and a Caesar, or even of a Marius and a Pompey, form the main determining element in the history of the day...

Isis And Sarapis In The Roman World

Author: Sarolta A. Takacs
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004283463
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Through the implementation of the complex historical method, this study provides a more precise picture of the integration of the cult of Isis and of the function of Isis and Sarapis in the Rhine and Danubian provinces.

The Darkening Age

Author: Catherine Nixey
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544800931
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A bold new history of the rise of Christianity, showing how its radical followers ravaged vast swathes of classical culture, plunging the world into an era of dogma and intellectual darkness In Harran, the locals refused to convert. They were dismembered, their limbs hung along the town’s main street. In Alexandria, zealots pulled the elderly philosopher-mathematician Hypatia from her chariot and flayed her to death with shards of broken pottery. Not long before, their fellow Christians had invaded the city’s greatest temple and razed it—smashing its world-famous statues and destroying all that was left of Alexandria’s Great Library. Today, we refer to Christianity’s conquest of the West as a “triumph.” But this victory entailed an orgy of destruction in which Jesus’s followers attacked and suppressed classical culture, helping to pitch Western civilization into a thousand-year-long decline. Just one percent of Latin literature would survive the purge; countless antiquities, artworks, and ancient traditions were lost forever. As Catherine Nixey reveals, evidence of early Christians’ campaign of terror has been hiding in plain sight: in the palimpsests and shattered statues proudly displayed in churches and museums the world over. In The Darkening Age, Nixey resurrects this lost history, offering a wrenching account of the rise of Christianity and its terrible cost.

Europe And The Faith

Author: Hilaire Belloc
Publisher: Black House Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1908476907
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Hilaire Belloc's Europe and the Faith will be of interest to all those - Catholic and non-Catholic equally - who value the contributions of European Civilisation and see possibilities in a United Europe beyond the trade agreements, red tape and political bureaucracy of the present EU. Belloc, the famous poet, essayist, novelist and historian, here shows the organic unity upon which Europe was built over the course of centuries, her rise, flourishing, subversion and decline into petty-statism, capitalism and tyranny. He looks beyond the persistent anti-Catholic propaganda and shows that Catholic Europe was the high point of European Civilisation where even the humblest of people lived well. Belloc shows that tyranny, greed, exploitation and disunity were ushered by the Reformation, heralding the capitalism and plutocracy that continue to enslave the world. Kerry Bolton's 'Introduction' reviews Belloc's major points, drawing from the famous social commentator William Cobbett, who showed that even the humblest classes of Medieval Europe lived far better than their counterparts centuries later. Bolton shows further that the present conception of European Union is a counterfeit and a fraud, planned and implemented by the Church's traditional enemy, Freemasonry, whose aim is not a Europe of faith but a secular Europe as a prelude to a 'Universal Republic', as shown by Masonic boasts. Also traced is the meaning of 'Europe', its birth as a spiritual concept, and the way the peoples of the Occident prior to the Reformation had a common identity, ethics, and notion of what it was to be 'European'.