Governing The Two Canberras

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The Two Canberras

Author: Jenny Stewart
ISBN: 9781740276757
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Tackles the core policy dilemmas of our time, from population growth to innovation, from a perspective that is both personal and analytical. The title of the collection reflects the delights and dilemmas of living in a special Australian city.

Raf Canberra Units Of The Cold War

Author: Andrew Brookes
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782004122
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From its first public demonstration at the Farnborough Airshow of 1949, the English Electric Canberra bomber captured the attention of the aviation world. It could outmanoeuvre all the fighters of the time and it could climb way above their operating ceilings. Yet this Cold War equivalent of the Mosquito was simple to maintain and a delight to fly, although it could bite any pilot who did not treat it with respect. The Canberra B 2 first flew on 21 April 1950 and entered frontline service with No 101 Sqn in May 1951. In a testament to the aircraft's benign handling characteristics, the transition programme consisted of only 20 hours in the Gloster Meteor and three hours in the dual-control Canberra trainer. With a maximum speed of 470 knots (871 km/h), a standard service ceiling of 48,000 ft (14,600 m) and the ability to carry a 3.6-tonne (7,900-lb) payload, the Canberra was an instant success.

B 57 Canberra Units Of The Vietnam War

Author: T. E. Bell
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 184603972X
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The B-57 Canberra was the first jet-powered American attack aircraft committed to the Vietnam War. Involved in day-to-day interdiction missions as well as in classified "black†? missions and a starring role in Operation Rolling Thunder; the B-57 evolved to become one of the most valuable weapons in the USAF inventory. The B-57E was involved in the Patricia Lynn missions, parts of which remain classified. This book also fully documents the role of the Australian Canberra B-20 in working alongside the B-57. Featuring scores of previously unpublished photographs; the story of the B-57 is the story of the Vietnam War.

Trading Paper

Author: Cali Canberra
Publisher: Newchi Pub
ISBN: 9780970500403
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The English Electric Canberra B I 8

Author: Phil H. Listemann
Publisher: Philedition
ISBN: 2918590851
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The EE Canberra is probably one of the most iconic British aircraft of the first Cold War years. It was declined in various marks, and this book is devoted to the intruder version, the B.8 which was used by the RAFG in West Germany between the end of 1950s to the early 1970s. This is mainly a pictorial study of this mark in over 110 photographs, many in colour, and seven colour profiles. The full RAF register is included and a photo or more of each aircraft is published as far as possible, describing in the same time the evolution of the camouflage and markings. A short chapter on the exports is also included.

English Electric Canberra

Author: Bruce Barrymore Halpenny
Publisher: Penn & Sword Books
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This amazing airplane first flew in 1949 and is still in front-line service with the RAF. It has served in a variety of roles including those of tactical bomber, photo-reconnaissance, navigational trainer, maritime strike, electronic countermeasures and target-towing. It was manufactured in the USA under license as the Martin B-57 and has been exported to Argentina, Chile, India, Peru, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries. This book looks at the development of the aircraft during the early days of jet power and especially at its Rolls-Royce Avon power plant. Each of the many marks and variants are described and illustrated by many remarkable and rare photographs. The type's record of service with RAF squadrons throughout its service life is given together with descriptions of the many experimental models that were used in the development of a variety of weapons and avionic systems.

Baptism Under Fire

Author: Mandeep Singh
Publisher: Vij Books India Pvt Ltd
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The Second India Pakistan War of 1965 ended in a clear victory for India not only thwarted Pakistan’s designs of annexing Kashmir but annexed large tract of Pakistani territory and inflicted heavy damage on Pakistani War machine. If there was one aspect in which Pakistan redeemed itself, it was the role played by Pakistan Air Force- a much smaller force taking on a numerically superior IAF. Both Air Forces suffered heavy losses. IAF in terms of number and PAF in terms of higher attrition rate. What is generally ignored and overlooked is that in this war of attrition, AAA played a pivotal role. Of the 43 PAF aircraft lost during the war, 25 were to AAA against 17 shot down in air to air combat by IAF. Similarly, Indian Air Force lost 69 aircraft during the war, of these 35 were lost on ground to PAF air raids. What is of interest is that of the 34 lost in air, 15 aircraft were lost to PAF in air combat and 10 were shot down by Pak AAA. In addition, at least two IAF were lost when they crashed on the way back to base after being hit by Pak AAA ie more than one third of IAF losses were to AAA. This is the story of the unsung heroes of AAA who played a key role in the War of 1965.

Canberra The Operational Record

Author: Robert Jackson
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Arndt S Story

Author: Peter Coleman
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 192131317X
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This was a man of inexhaustible energy and optimism, who returned from months behind barbed wire in Canada, and went on to write The Economic Lessons of the Nineteen Thirties. He took up a job in Sydney, and quickly established himself as a leading authority on the Australian banking system.