The Fabric Of Cultures Systems In The Making

Author: Eugenia Paulicelli
Publisher: QCArtCenter, City University of New York
ISBN: 882649486X
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The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making is a groundbreaking multidisciplinary, pedagogic and research project that reflects on the art of making, craftsmanship and technology in a globalized world. The catalogue accompanies the exhibition at the QC Art Center of the City University of New York. The exhibition and project as a whole call attention to larger systems at play that influence the state of fashion, crafts and aesthetics constantly under development and in flux. The exhibition focuses on the NEW MADE IN ITALY within a transnational context and in conversation with other cultures, traditions and innovative technologies. Eugenia Paulicelli is professor of Italian, Comparative Literature and Women's Studies at Queens College and The Graduate Center, The City University of New York. She directs Italian graduate Studies at Queens College and Fashion Studies at the Graduate Center. She has published several books including Fashion under Fascism (2004) and the more recent publications Italian Style. Fashion & Film from Early Cinema to the Digital Age (2016 and 2017); and Film, Fashion and the 1960s (co-editor, 2017). For more information visit her website:

The Fabric Of Cultures

ISBN: 9788826494876
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The Strange Order Of Things

Author: Antonio Damasio
Publisher: Pantheon
ISBN: 0307908755
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From one of our preeminent neuroscientists: a landmark reflection that spans the biological and social sciences, offering a new way of understanding the origins of life, feeling, and culture. The Strange Order of Things is a pathbreaking investigation into homeostasis, the condition of that regulates human physiology within the range that makes possible not only the survival but also the flourishing of life. Antonio Damasio makes clear that we descend biologically, psychologically, and even socially from a long lineage that begins with single living cells; that our minds and cultures are linked by an invisible thread to the ways and means of ancient unicellular life and other primitive life-forms; and that inherent in our very chemistry is a powerful force, a striving toward life maintenance that governs life in all its guises, including the development of genes that help regulate and transmit life. In The Strange Order of Things, Damasio gives us a new way of comprehending the world and our place in it.

Culture Making

Author: Andy Crouch
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830874844
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2009 Christianity Today Book Award winner! Named one of Publishers Weekly's best books of 2008 (religion category) It is not enough to condemn culture. Nor is it sufficient merely to critique culture or to copy culture. Most of the time, we just consume culture. But the only way to change culture is to create culture. Andy Crouch unleashes a stirring manifesto calling Christians to be culture makers. For too long, Christians have had an insufficient view of culture and have waged misguided "culture wars." But we must reclaim the cultural mandate to be the creative cultivators that God designed us to be. Culture is what we make of the world, both in creating cultural artifacts as well as in making sense of the world around us. By making chairs and omelets, languages and laws, we participate in the good work of culture making. Crouch unpacks the complexities of how culture works and gives us tools for cultivating and creating culture. He navigates the dynamics of cultural change and probes the role and efficacy of our various cultural gestures and postures. Keen biblical exposition demonstrates that creating culture is central to the whole scriptural narrative, the ministry of Jesus and the call to the church. He guards against naive assumptions about "changing the world," but points us to hopeful examples from church history and contemporary society of how culture is made and shaped. Ultimately, our culture making is done in partnership with God's own making and transforming of culture. A model of his premise, this landmark book is sure to be a rallying cry for a new generation of culturally creative Christians. Discover your calling and join the culture makers.

Numbers And The Making Of Us

Author: Caleb Everett
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674504437
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Number concepts are a human invention developed and refined over millennia. They allow us to grasp quantities precisely: recent research shows that most specific quantities are not perceived in the absence of a number system. Numbers are not innate or universal; yet without them, the world as we know it would not exist.

Married And Making A Living

Author: Barbara Kranendonk
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780815329961
File Size: 11,34 MB
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Our economy is characterized by a changing labor market in which large companies are forced by competition to downsize by laying off employees whose skills are specialized and where alternatives are either less attractive or nonexistent. Small family businesses, which have increased in numbers during the last decade, are one means to address such an employment problem. Changing careers as a result of corporate downsizing is a traumatic experience, but sharing time and responsibilities with a spouse in a family-owned business without preparation multiplies that stress.This book describes the organization of roles and work tasks typical in a group of married couples who own and manage small franchise businesses. These work relationships demonstrate high levels of togetherness and adaptability, but family research has shown that these characteristics are often problematic in marital relationships. Notable problems for these couples include covert and overt conflict as well as a fusion of work roles: Too much flexibility leads to unclear and inconsistent work assignments, and impulsive decision-making. The book outlines several techniques for educating and coaching business spouses.

The Poet S Voice In The Making Of Mind

Author: Russell Meares
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317367707
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How did the human mind evolve and how does it emerge, again and again, in individual lives? In The Poet’s Voice in the Making of Mind, Russell Meares presents a fascinating inquiry into the origin of mind. He proposes that the way in which mind, or self, evolved, may resemble the way it emerges in childhood play and that a poetic, analogical style of thought is a biological necessity, essential to bringing to fruition the achievement of the human mind. Taking a fresh look at the language used in psychotherapy, he shows how language, and conversation in particular, is central to the development and maintenance of self. His theory incorporates the ideas from William James, Hughlings, Jackson, Janet, Hobson, Gerald Edelman, Wolf Singer, Vygotsky and others. It is illuminated by extracts from literary artists such as Wallace Stevens, W.S. Merwin, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad and Shakespeare. Encompassing psychotherapy; psychoanalysis; evolution; child development; literary criticism; philosophy; studies of mind and consciousness, The Poet’s Voice in the Making of Mind is an engaging, ground-breaking and thought-provoking work that will appeal to psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, as well as anyone interested in the emergence of mind and self.


Author: Shannon Brownlee
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 9781596917293
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Our health care is staggeringly expensive, yet one in six Americans has no health insurance. We have some of the most skilled physicians in the world, yet one hundred thousand patients die each year from medical errors. In this gripping, eye-opening book, award-winning journalist Shannon Brownlee takes readers inside the hospital to dismantle some of our most venerated myths about American medicine. Brownlee dissects what she calls "the medical-industrial complex" and lays bare the backward economic incentives embedded in our system, revealing a stunning portrait of the care we now receive. Nevertheless, Overtreated ultimately conveys a message of hope by reframing the debate over health care reform. It offers a way to control costs and cover the uninsured, while simultaneously improving the quality of American medicine. Shannon Brownlee's humane, intelligent, and penetrating analysis empowers readers to avoid the perils of overtreatment, as well as pointing the way to better health care for everyone.

The Fabric Of Cultures

Author: Eugenia Paulicelli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135253552
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Fashion is both public and private, material and symbolic, always caught within the lived experience and providing an incredible tool to study culture and history. The Fabric of Cultures examines the impact of fashion as a manufacturing industry and as a culture industry that shapes the identities of nations and cities in a cross-cultural perspective, within a global framework. The collected essays investigate local and global economies, cultures and identities and the book offers for the first time, a wide spectrum of case studies which focus on a diversity of geographical spaces and places, from global capitals of fashion such as New York, to countries less known or identifiable for fashion such as contemporary Greece and soviet Russia. Highly illustrated and including essays from all over the world, The Fabric of Cultures provides a comprehensive survey of the latest interdisciplinary scholarship on fashion, identity and globalisation.

Race In The Making

Author: Lawrence A. Hirschfeld
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262581721
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In Race in the Making Lawrence Hirschfeld provides a new understanding of how people conceptualize social categories and shows why this knowledge is so readily recruited to create and maintain systems of unequal power. Hirschfeld argues that knowledge of race is not derived from observations of physical difference, nor does it develop in the same way as knowledge of other social categories. Instead, his central claim is that racial thinking is the product of a special-purpose cognitive competence for understanding and representing human kinds. By demonstrating that a common set of abstract principles underlies all systems of racial thinking, whatever other historical and cultural specificities may be associated with them, he challenges the conventional notion that race is purely a social construction. After surveying the literature on the development of a cultural psychology of race. Hirschfeld presents original studies that examine children's (and occasionally adults') representations of race. He sketches how a jointly cultural and psychological approach to race might proceed, showing how this approach yields new insights into the emergence and the elaboration of racial thinking.