The Bedouin Of Cyrenaica

Author: Emrys L. Peters
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521385619
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This collection brings together Emrys Peters' major writings on the Bedouin of Libya.

The Economies Of Hellenistic Societies Third To First Centuries Bc

Author: Zosia Archibald
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199587922
File Size: 62,24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A collection of essays investigating the economic transformations that took place in the states and kingdoms around the eastern Mediterranean following the conquests of Alexander the Great - changes which have had an enduring effect on global cultural patterns.

From Codicology To Technology

Author: Stefanie Brinkmann
Publisher: Frank & Timme GmbH
ISBN: 3865961711
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Islamic manuscripts are voices from the past, revealing scholarly debates and networks, as well as aspects of daily life. They allow us to witness the transmission of knowledge and economic and cultural exchanges of centuries gone by. The present articles mirror this variety of aspects involved when dealing with Islamic manuscripts, and emphasize their importance as sources for our knowledge of history. The articles cover research on single manuscripts, as well as collections, the problems of editing, as well as cataloguing. New technologies have extended the possibilities of preserving and presenting manuscripts - accessible online, digitised and catalogued, they serve an international research community and become a worldwide cultural heritage.Stefanie Brinkmann is lecturer at the Institute of Oriental Studies at Leipzig University, Germany. She is active as team member of projects on Islamic manuscripts held at Leipzig University Library. Educated in Arabic and Persian Studies, as well as Italian Philology, she holds a PhD in Arabic Studies.Beate Wiesmueller has been research associate in projects on cataloguing Islamic manuscripts and Oriental rare books. Since 2006 she is research associate in Leipzig for projects on Islamic manuscripts. She has authored several publications on Oriental collections and holds a M.A. in Islamic Studies, English Philology and Comparative Religious Studies.

Social And Cultural Anthropology The Key Concepts

Author: Nigel Rapport
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131766082X
File Size: 40,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Social and Cultural Anthropology: the Key Concepts is an easy to use A-Z guide to the central concepts that students are likely to encounter in this field. Now fully updated, this third edition includes entries on: Material Culture Environment Human Rights Hybridity Alterity Cosmopolitanism Ethnography Applied Anthropology Gender Cybernetics With full cross-referencing and revised further reading to point students towards the latest writings in Social and Cultural Anthropology, this is a superb reference resource for anyone studying or teaching in this area.

Religion And Custom In A Muslim Society

Author: Ladislav Holy
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521024969
File Size: 71,45 MB
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Among the Berti of Northern Darfur (Sudan), as among many Muslim societies, the formal religious practices are predominantly the concern of men, while local, unorthodox customary rituals are performed mainly by women. It is usual to dismiss such local, popular practices as pre-Islamic survivals, but Professor Holy shows that the customary rituals constitute an integral part of the religious system of the Berti. Carefully analysing the symbolic statements made in Berti rituals, Professor Holy demonstrates that the distinction between the two classes of rituals is an expression of the gender relationships characteristic of the society. He also examines the social distribution of knowledge about Islam, and explains the role of the religious schools in sustaining religious ideas. The work is not only an ethnographic study of ritual, belief and gender in an African society. It also makes a significant contribution to current anthropological discussion of the interpretation and meaning of rituals and symbols.

Perplexities Of Identification

Author: Henk Driessen
Publisher: Aarhus Universitetsforlag
File Size: 38,62 MB
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This text explores how identities emerge, persist and change and which power resources are tapped in the course of this process.

Culture Through Objects

Author: Timothy Potts
Publisher: Griffith Inst
File Size: 53,12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Published in honour of P. R. S. Moorey, one of the foremost Near Eastern scholars of his generation, this book brings together nineteen studies by leading international specialists on the archaeology of the ancient Near East. The volume focuses on three main themes that have been central to Moorey's extensive contributions to the field: tracking cultural transfers, understanding images, and the study of ancient materials and manufacture. Ranging widely in time and space from Egypt to Central Asia and from the Neolithic to the Sasanian period, the studies are linked by their shared methodology, namely a commitment to the crucial role played by objects in the reconstruction of past cultures and the recognition of the importance of contextual analysis in evaluating the material evidence. The papers present the results of current research on a variety of topics including the origins of pharaonic iconography, the spread of writing, stone vessels, prehistoric figurines, the iconography of seals, early metallurgy,,ancient cuisine and the use of works of art in ancient societies.

Gold Of Praise

Author: Emily Teeter
Publisher: Oriental Inst Publications Sales
File Size: 76,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This Festschrift in honor of Prof. Edward F. Wente contains contributions by forty-three of his colleagues and friends. Contents: Publications and Communications of Edward F. Wente ( C. E. Jones ); A Monument of Khaemwaset Honoring Imhotep ( J. P. Allen ); Feuds or Vengeance? Rhetoric and Social Forms ( J. Baines ); Theban Seventeenth Dynasty ( J. von Beckerath ); Inventory Offering Lists and the Nomenclature for Boxes and Chests in the Old Kingdom ( E. Brovarski ); A Case for Narrativity: Gilt Stucco Mummy Cover in the Graeco-Roman Museum, Alexandria, Inv. 27808 ( L. H. Corcoran ); Opening of the Mouth as Temple Ritual ( E. Cruz-Uribe ); A Letter of Reproach ( R. J. Demaree ); Creation on the Potter's Wheel at the Eastern Horizon of Heaven ( P. F. Dorman ); The Border and the Yonder Side ( G. Englund ); Enjoying the Pleasures of Sensation: Reflections on a Significant Feature of Egyptian Religion ( R. B. Finnestad ); Some Comments on Khety's Instruction for Little Pepi on His Way to School (Satire on the Trades) ( J. L. Foster ); On Fear of Death and the Three bwts Connected with Hathor ( P. J. Frandsen ); Two Inlaid Inscriptions of the Earliest Middle Kingdom ( H. Goedicke ); Historical Background to the Exodus: Papyrus Anastasi VIII ( S. I. Groll ); The Mummy of Amenhotep III ( J. E. Harris ); Fragmentary Quartzite Female Hand Found in Abou-Rawash ( Z. Hawass ); Two Stelae of King Seqenenre Djehuty-aa of the Seventeenth Dynasty ( H. Jacquet-Gordon ); A Marital Title from the New Kingdom ( J. J. Janssen ); Remarks on Continuity in Egyptian Literary Tradition ( R. Jasnow ); Ethnic Considerations in Persian Period Egypt ( J. H. Johnson ); The nfrw-Collar Reconsidered ( W. R. Johnson ); The Wealth of Amun of Thebes under Ramesses II ( K. A. Kitchen ); Wie jung ist die memphitische Philosophie auf dem Shabaqo-Stein? ( R. Krauss ); 'Listening' to the Ancient Egyptian Woman: Letters, Testimonials, and Other Expressions of Self ( B. S. Lesko ); Some Further Thoughts on Chapter 162 of the Book of the Dead ( L. H. Lesko ); Royal Iconography of Dynasty 0 ( T. J. Logan ); The Auction of Pharaoh ( J. G. Manning ); Semi-Literacy in Egypt: Some Erasures from the Amarna Period ( P. Der Manuelian ); Vinegar at Deir el-Medina ( N. B. Millet ); Observations on Pre-Amarna Theology during the Earliest Reign of Amenhotep IV ( W. J. Murnane ); Zum Kultbildritual in Abydos ( J. Osing ); Sportive Fencing as a Ritual for Destroying the Enemies of Horus ( P. A. Piccione ); An Oblique Reference to the Expelled High Priest Osorkon? ( R. K. Ritner ); The Ahhotep Coffins: The Archaeology of an Egyptological Reconstruction ( A. M. Roth ); A Litany from the Eighteenth Dynasty Tomb of Merneith ( D. P. Silverman ); Nag-ed-Deir Papyri ( W. K. Simpson ); O. Hess = O. Naville = O. BM 50601: An Elusive Text Relocated ( M. J. Smith ); Celibacy and Adoption among God's Wives of Amun and Singers in the Temple of Amun: A Re-examination of the Evidence ( E. Teeter ); New Kingdom Temples at Elkab ( C. C. Van Siclen III ); Menstrual Synchrony and the 'Place of Women' in Ancient Egypt (OIM 13512) ( T. G. Wilfong ); Serra East and the Mission of the Middle Kingdom Fortresses in Nubia ( B. B. Williams ); End of the Late Bronze Age and Other Crisis Periods: A Volcanic Cause? ( F. J. Yurco ).

Books In Print 1994 95

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
ISBN: 9780835234986
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Fifteen Generations Of Bretons

Author: Martine Segalen
File Size: 62,70 MB
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