The Beach And Other Short Lesbian Romance Stories

Author: J. A. Lymer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781978146273
File Size: 17,11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2597
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The Beach and Other Short Stories is a collection of lesbian romance and erotic short stories that will get your heart and pulse racing. When Mia and Lauren stumble across each other in 'The Beach', neither are prepared for what lies ahead. That frisson of excitement which starts the beginning of any relationship leads to much, much more, and they very quickly fall in love. 'The Pool Table' and 'The Writer' have a distinctively dark edge to them, too, and are perfect for readers who enjoy lesbian erotic fiction with a refreshing difference. With unconventional characters and irresistible storylines, there is plenty of heat and romance to indulge those with a penchant for this genre. 'The Wasted Years' is the heart-warming tale of how two women's love for each other stands the test of time, and will keep you captivated from the very start. And there are plenty more to discover too... Join a whole cast of colourful, gorgeous and fascinating characters - from writers and gardeners to nightclub owners and female bouncers - on their page-turning, steamy and exciting adventures of lust, love and romance. Discover the connection between women who have loved and lost, those who have reignited that spark after taking wrong paths, and spending years apart, and find out what happens when they have been deceived and cheated on. If you love lesbian romance/erotic fiction and happy endings, you really won't be able to resist this tantalising collection.


Author: Anja Talbot
Publisher: Talbot Media Group
File Size: 80,26 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 5478
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What does a cute little bakery, a lighthouse near the beach, and a ladies nightclub called Precious Illusions have in common? Here are three lesbian romance short stories - lesbian fiction - in three completely different settings, with three different couples, and three different levels of heat, connection, intimacy, and intensity. Get your copy today!

Damn Love

Author: Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
Publisher: Ig Pub
ISBN: 9781935439783
File Size: 26,49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 126
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A collection of primarily gay-themed stories set in San Francisco and North Carolina that ruminate on love.

Summer Love

Author: Harper Bliss
Publisher: Ladylit Publishing
ISBN: 9789881420466
File Size: 63,65 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2347
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Sun-soaked beaches, glittering blue pool surfaces and oceans painted by an orange-hued sunset have one thing in common: they're the perfect background for falling in love. Who hasn't felt that first wave of butterflies rise deep in their belly while pool side? Or that first quickening of the pulse when lounging on a lush patch of grass during a music festival? Summer is the perfect time to indulge in that sudden rush of first love or, equally so, the warm grip of long-fostered feelings for another woman. This collection of fourteen stories runs the gamut of lesbian holiday romance stories. An Australian cookery course, a Belfast coffee shop, and even a romance writers' conference are some of the backdrops for the summer love that unfolds in this lesbian romance anthology. Tamsin Flowers's Drive Me Crazy takes place during Glastonbury, while Katya Harris's sensual tale of passion between long-time lovers is entirely set by the side of the pool. Newcomer Brooke Winter brings us an irresistible tale of a woman running into a Mistress she's played with in Spain, while Lucy Felthouse's heroine gets much more heat than she bargained for when she goes volcano-watching on Lanzarote. With stories by highly rated authors, including Annabeth Leong, Allison Wonderland, Erzabet Bishop and Harper Bliss, this collection is the perfect sensual companion to any holiday.

The Gay Detective Novel

Author: Judith A. Markowitz
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786419571
File Size: 65,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 686
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Gertrude Stein called it "the only really modern novel form that has come into existence," yet the mystery genre was a century old before it featured its first gay main character in a novel. Since then, gay and lesbian detective fiction has been one of the fastest growing segments of the genre. It incorporates gay and lesbian cultural elements and offers crossover appeal. Its authors call upon a century of development in the mystery genre, while providing new, more accurate images of lesbians and gay men than generally found in mainstream literature and popular media. This groundbreaking study of gay and lesbian detective fiction examines mystery series and historically significant stand-alone novels published since the early 1960s. Part I is an overview that describes how these novels make gay and lesbian life visible and forge new, powerful images. It also examines how they fit into the larger history of mystery fiction. The series analyses in Part II are grouped according to the type of main character (police officer, private investigator, amateur sleuth, etc.). Each section discusses main and secondary characters of that type, characteristic themes for the group, and more. The analyses of individual series cover main characters, themes, plot points and other elements. Comments from authors interviewed for this book play a central role in those analyses. Part III lists series-spanning themes (e.g., homophobia, the closet, gay marriage) and the novels and series that address each of those themes.

Best Lesbian Romance Of The Year

Author: Radclyffe
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1627781021
File Size: 75,69 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 1446
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The stories in Best Lesbian Romance 2015 will have readers falling in love with love all over again. A celebration of the swooning sensation of a first crush, the dizzying feel of a first touch and the raw electric elation of sexual passion are all captured here. Radclyffe, the highly lauded romance novelist and master editor always covers the full range of lesbian love- a real spectrum of experience with plenty of room for passion and possibility, as praised by The Advocate, "Every story the human heart can tell."

The Servants Of Desire In Virginia Woolf S Shorter Fiction

Author: Heather Levy
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9781433109409
File Size: 11,83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 1296
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The Servants of Desire in Virginia Woolf’s Shorter Fiction proposes an insight into the ways in which Virginia Woolf engaged with the questions of how class influences working women’s occupation of private and public space and how material privilege or economic distress inhibits or encourages their likelihood of obtaining their intellectual, spiritual, and physical desires. This groundbreaking book uses class as the determining factor to assess how servants and working class women occupy private and public space and articulate or fail to realize their desires. Drawing upon published and unpublished holograph and typescript drafts of the shorter fiction in The Monks House Papers as well as the Berg Collection, this book examines Woolf’s oscillating patterns of elision, idealization, and contempt for the voices and desires of female servants, lesbians, gypsies, and other disenfranchised women. The Servants of Desire in Virginia Woolf’s Shorter Fiction also assesses how the portrayal of working class women in the shorter fiction becomes a vital template for the representation of working class women in Woolf’s novels and essays. This study of the cumulative portrayal of the working class woman in all of Virginia Woolf’s shorter fiction will also be compelling for anyone interested in social justice, especially for advocates of equality in gender/race/class/sexuality conflicts.

The Columbia Companion To The Twentieth Century American Short Story

Author: Blanche H. Gelfant
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231110995
File Size: 31,60 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2378
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This resource provides information on a popular literary genre - the 20th century American short story. It contains articles on stories that share a particular theme, and over 100 pieces on individual writers and their work. There are also articles on promising new writers entering the scene.


Author: K'Anne Meinel
Publisher: Shadoe Publishing
ISBN: 1480191906
File Size: 71,34 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5751
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Story 1 Bent over Backwards Unexpectedly taken over my desk Story 2 Fantasy What would you do to be with the one you love....this fantasy tale answers that question but not necessarily in the way you would expect Story 3 Wet How wet can you get? I nearly drown as I make love to my girl in a pool... Story 4 Family Night Melinda & Em have Thursday night Family Night. A warm loving relationship, a warm loving body, who wouldn't want to come home to that? What happens to Melinda & Em on Family Night... Story 5 Bikini’s are Dangerous This is what happens when I wear a bikini for the first time. A short erotic story that tells a tale for those who understand that BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS Story 6 Quickie ~ Against the Car Based on a Spanish soap opera out of Madrid Spain, this short story is my take on what would have happened had I been there. I was very angry when I was attacked... Story 7 Kept There are many ways a woman can be KEPT, not just financially, but emotionally, physically, and many more. Alexis isn't KEPT in the standard sense of the word. She has her own life, her own money, she is her own woman, and yet Sasha keeps pulling her intriguing idea for all of us who wonder what it would be like to have unlimited funds to do what we want, when we want, and with whom... Story 8 Quickie ~ Against the Wall I'm taken against my will (sorta) against the wall... I'm too tired to think straight when I'm attacked by my girlfriend... Story 9 Quickie ~ Over the Couch My girlfriend attacks me and takes me over the back of the couch... Story 10 Mile High Club Joining the Mile High Club isn't exactly what I thought it was going to be. A short story that isn't quite what you expect it to be. Warm, loving, and erotic, joining the MILE HIGH CLUB wasn't going to turn out like expected. Story 11 Ghostly Love What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? What if that best friend is a GHOST? Stacey is your normal teenager, living with the 'normal' teenage angst moments. She just happens to have a friend who is a ghost. This takes her on a journey, while it would have been normal for most people, it is guided by her friend Renata who just happens to be dead. As the years go by and Stacey experiences life she finds that love eludes her until she realizes it has been there all along. What do you do when the love of your life turns out to be a GHOST? Story 12 Quickie ~ Under the Pier It takes some persuasion but I take my girlfriend Under the Pier Story 13 Bikini’s are Dangerous 2 Once again we prove that Bikini's can't be trusted, that these itty bitty scraps of material, are DANGEROUS! Story 14 On the Parkway We were apart for too long and couldn't wait... The New Jersey Turnpike is an interesting stretch of highway. On the Parkway, we couldn't wait after stopping at a road stop...could I tempt her? Story 15 Stable Affair Their affair begins in the stable. Firm bodies, flashing flanks, beauty...and the horses aren't bad either! It all begins in a stable... Story 16 Dream of the Beach A fantastic dream that they made a reality. Sometimes dreams do come true... Hasn't there always been a place you wanted to go to, that you dreamed about? What if you made it a reality with the one that you love? All your fantasies and dreams come true? Story 17 Bikini’s are Dangerous 3 Proving that Bikini's are more than just for swimming. Bikini's are multi-functional. I use mine in a way that neither my girlfriend nor I had anticipated. Story 18 Heel or Heal When obedience is necessary to the relationship. Claudia is looking for a new playmate/partner. Can she train one to her satisfaction? Brenda is looking for...she isn't sure what but in Claudia she finds a woman she can admire, trust, and eventually love. Can Brenda heal Claudia's cold heart? Story 19 Wet ~ Again How wet can you get? I nearly drown as I make love to my girl in a pool of water... Story 20 Kiss A humorous view on Kissing. What makes a good kiss a good kiss? Instructional information on a humorous level from observations and personal experience.

Telling Moments

Author: Lynda Hall
Publisher: Terrace Books
ISBN: 9780299191139
File Size: 60,36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4471
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Telling Moments collects contemporary short stories by a diverse group of twenty-four lesbian writers. Engaging themes of life and death, aging, motherhood, race, love, work, and travel, the writers offer brief glimpses into lesbian lives. The stories are by well-known contemporary writers—Gloria Anzaldúa, Mary Cappello, Emma Donoghue, Jewelle Gomez, Karla Jay, Anna Livia, Valerie Miner, Lesléa Newman, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Ruthann Robson, Sarah Schulman, and Jess Wells—and exciting newer voices, such as Donna Allegra and Marion Douglas. There are also stories from performance artists Carmelita Tropicana, Peggy Shaw, and Maya Chowdhry. Anna Livia’s protagonist appreciates her mother’s artful garden creation. Ruthann Robson tells of a survivor of the health care system. In Marion Douglas’s story a teenager dances with an alluring classmate. Donna Allegra’s strong construction worker copes with the death of her mother. And Karla Jay sets her character forth to swim with sharks. Most of the stories are accompanied by an author photo, biographical sketch, and—a most significant feature—a commentary from the author on her writing process and the autobiographical nature of her story, illustrating the truth behind the fiction.