Author: Todd Walton
ISBN: 9780988807211
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A bold revival of the short story format, punctuated with classic and modern poetry forms, Spark: A Creative Anthology features the freshest work from a range of talented writers, from established professionals to newly-emerging authors and poets. Contributors Introduction by Traci L. Gourdine Cover Art by Aaron John Gregory Illustrations by Paul Pederson Todd Walton, Going After Nathan Margaret Dilloway, Ever Since I ve Seen Your Face Hunter Liguore, Momentary Forgiveness Darrell Lindsey, tanka George Wells, Last Rites j.lewis, surgical mass Linda G Hatton, Becoming Katie Stephens, Faceless Melana Plains, Not a Worry, My Lord Alexis A. Hunter, By the Gun D. Laserbeam, Five Hundred Svetlana Kortchik, Forget Me Not Hannah Weverka, Gingerbread Towns Matt Lancaster, Old Age Brian Reeves, Her Fruitful Shore Valentina Cano, Image of a Treasure, as a Negative Stone Showers, His Smile Fixed in Time Kari Castor, Jael Stands Trial for Murder Diana Fu, Confession Scott Warrender, The Littleness of Susan Brauer John Stocks, Vows Peter Wood, The Fig Tree Kaitlin Branch, One Cog Short of Paradise Learn more about Volume I contributors and content at http: //"

Flicker And Spark

Author: Regie Cabico
Publisher: Lowbrow Press LLC
ISBN: 9780982955390
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"We sometimes can browse the world but sometimes we need detail. We need to know the ugly why and the beautiful why. The poetic Queer why is often neglected. I believe this anthology will go someway to uncover and decorate our eclectic and diverse wheres and whys. In these increasingly complex times we need to understand why more." -Gerry Potter "When we talk about literature, there are tweets and there are three-volume novels. And, selected poems and collected poems and a poem. There are so many different packages for the same energy to travel through. I think post-identity is sort of a zen concept. You know like, "Wake up " (Smacks hands with a sharp clap). What's the identity of that moment? What's the gender of that moment? There are spots where there is no identity whatsoever. But by the nature of who I am or who any of us are we will need to be in groups that resemble us. It's so crucial to have those identity groups where you gather and are reinforced by your conversations. And don't live there. Something I'm really interested in is how queer identity is like an immigrant group. We need to find each other at various points to say, "God-Iceland " But we don't live in Iceland. I think "post" is a desire to have a little space, but I don't think it's a place where you get to stay." -Eileen Myles

Christmas At The Royal Institution

ISBN: 9814474339
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Sci Fi Anthology 2016

Author: Lori Butler
ISBN: 1365039293
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An Anthology Of Nineteenth Century American Science Writing

Author: C. R. Resetarits
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 085728651X
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This volume is a brief anthology of the most influential writing by American scientists between 1800 and 1900. Arranged thematically and chronologically to highlight the movement of American science throughout the nineteenth century, from its beginnings in self-taught classification and exploration to the movement towards university education and specialization, this anthology is the first of its kind. Biographies front each section, putting human faces to each time period, and the anthology includes such notable names as Thomas Jefferson and Louis Agassiz.

A C S Rafinesque Anthology

Author: C.S. Rafinesque
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786421479
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Among American naturalists, C.S. Rafinesque (1783-1840) is second only to Audubon in the popular interest he sustains. This interest is due in part to his colorful life and provocative personality, but he is also remembered for devising Latin scientific names for more plants than any other naturalist who ever lived--and a great number in the animal kingdom, as well. This passion for nomenclature has kept his name memorable (some would say notorious) among naturalists. Yet his taxonomic writings made up only a part of his extensive oeuvre. Rafinesque's restless mind ranged over areas of inquiry from archaeology to zoology. His published writings in these fields have been difficult to lay hands on and have never been collected. Among such essays now gathered into this volume, two were unavailable until 1949, six were listed only in 1982 and four remained unknown until 2001. The recovery and reprinting of these 12 contributions help to broaden the understanding of his achievements over a lifetime. Arranged in nine sections, 25 topics are offered here (several of which are explored in more than one essay), including "the Origin of Native Americans," "Hebrew Studies," "Utopian Society," "Lightning," "The Milky Way," "Sea Serpents" and "Evolution." Editorial introductions are provided for each topic, and period illustrations--some included in the original Rafinesque publications--enhance the text.

The Ctr Anthology

Author: Alan Filewod
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442658223
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Since its inception in 1974, "Canadian Theatre Review" has been one of the most important publishers of new Canadian plays. With a script in each issue, CTR has introduced new writers and advocated new approaches to Canadian drama. This volume brings together fifteen of the most significant plays published in CTR between 1974 and 1991. Most have been out of print since their appearance in the journal. They include recognized classics that have transformed Canadian theatre, such as "Ten Lost Years" and "This is for You, Anna," and lesser-known plays by such major writers as Robert Lepage and George F. Walker. Taken together these plays not only expand the boundaries of Canadian drama; they also document an important and exciting period in Canadian theatre. They are vivid testaments to the diversity of contemporary theatrical practice in Canada.

Spark Electric Series 2

Author: E. L. Todd
Publisher: E. L. Todd
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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From Spark To Fire

Author: Terryl Warnock
ISBN: 9780989469845
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The Sacred Circle is a diverse group of writers who are each fearless, playful, imaginative, kind, irreverent, and sometimes a little twisted. When they syngergetically critique each other's writing the stories become even more compelling and dynamic. These are the first published works from most of these vibrant new voices.

Words Of Fire

Author: Beverly Guy-Sheftall
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 1595587659
File Size: 64,37 MB
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"In this pathbreaking collection of articles, Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall has taken us from the early 1830s to contemporary times. Only since the seventies have black women used the term "feminism." And yet, it is that concept that she uses to bring into the same frame the ideas and analyses of Maria Stewart, Sojourner Truth, and Frances W.E. Harper of the early nineteenth century, and the work of women such as the late Audre Lorde, Barbara Smith, and bell hooks who stand on the threshold of the twenty-first century... She has refused to cut off contemporary African American women from the long line of sisters who have righteously struggled for the liberation of African American women from the dual oppressions of racism and sexism." —From the epilogue by Johnnetta B. Cole, President, Spelman College "The indefatigable Beverly Guy-Sheftall has put together a breathtaking sweep of African American feminist thought in one indispensable volume." —Elizabeth Spelman, Professor of Philosophy, Smith College