Pride Prejudice Wicked Pleasure

Author: Em Brown
Publisher: Em Brown
ISBN: 1942822340
File Size: 48,95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 3765
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Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. A match made in bondage. When Lizzy Bennett arrives at Hunsford Parsonage, she’s unacquainted with the less civilized side of pleasure. But Lizzy isn’t someone who’s easily intimidated. At the encouragement of her new friend, she ventures into a decadent realm where proper etiquette succumbs to primal passions. Little does she know that the masked mentor responsible for her sexual awakening is the arrogant Mr. Darcy, the very scoundrel she blames for her sister’s unhappiness… Mr. Darcy is relieved to train a new sexual partner. Despite her distaste toward him, he's unable to take his mind off the clever, captivating Ms. Bennett. He can’t help but think of her likeness in his new protege. When he finds out his student and his obsession are one in the same, Darcy is torn between fulfilling his own fantasies and risking everything for a distant chance at something more… Pride, Prejudice & Wicked Pleasure is a steamy historical romance that dares to imagine the kinkier side of literature’s most famous couple. If you like sultry chemistry, Regency trappings, and new takes on classic characters, then you’ll love Em Brown’s erotic reimagining. Buy Pride, Prejudice & Wicked Pleasure to shock the sensibilities of your inner Janeite today!

Wicked Pleasure

Author: Lora Leigh
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250124298
File Size: 23,11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6681
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Illicit pleasures and the most sinful of desires abound in the first part of #1 bestselling author Lora Leigh's previously published novel Wicked Pleasure, now exclusively in e. Jaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins, Chase and Cam, for seven years. Fears of the desires they arouse in her, and the knowledge of the relationship they wanted with her, spurred her to run as far as she could from their strong, demanding embrace. But now life has come full circle...

Pride And Punishment

Author: Nia Farrell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533228475
File Size: 37,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2848
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PRIDE AND PUNISHMENT is an erotic retelling of a Jane Austen classic. Characters that you thought you knew...well, they're ready to reveal their secret selves. Mr. Darcy is a Dominant. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is submissive. Jane Bennet might be the only "handsome" woman in Meryton, but puppy-like Charles Bingley needs a Mistress. Mr. Darcy doesn't think Jane has what it takes and separates the couple. His growing lust leads Mr. Darcy to confess his desire to dominate Miss Elizabeth - a proposition that she mistakes for a proposal. Already accused of less-than-gentlemanlike behavior, Darcy must find a way to win the submissive heart of a woman who abhors him. Described as "Pride and Prejudice meets 50 Shades of Grey," Pride and Punishment is not your mother's Austen. This is a deliciously different BDSM erotic romance written for ages 18+. The original dialogue has been kept intact when possible. Passages modified to fit this retelling are rife with subtext and laden with innuendo. The basic timeline is essentially the same as Pride and Prejudice, but the characters populating the pages now include Darcy's bisexual cousin Hugh, his dominant Aunt Catherine/Mistress Cat, his "little" cousin Anne, his submissive sister Georgiana, kinky defiler-of-virgins George Wickham, lesbian switch Caroline Bingley, and militiamen who see more action in their bunks than out. This erotic Regency romance includes MF relationships, MFM menage sexual congress, and BDSM activities and is written for adults only."

Mr Darcy S Undoing

Author: Abigail Reynolds
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402240988
File Size: 72,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8446
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A passionate new Pride and Prejudice variation explores the unthinkable-Elizabeth accepts the proposal of a childhood friend before she meets Darcy again. When their paths cross, the devastated Mr. Darcy must decide how far he'll go to win the woman he loves. How can a man who prides himself on his honor ask the woman he loves to do something scandalous? And how can Elizabeth accept a loveless marriage when Mr. Darcy holds the key to her heart? As they confront family opposition and the ill-will of scandal-mongers, will Elizabeth prove to be Mr. Darcy's undoing?

Pride Prejudice Pleasure

Author: Georgette Brown
Publisher: Windcolor Press
ISBN: 9781942822387
File Size: 16,81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 7476
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Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. The untold, steamy hot story... While staying at Hunsford Parsonage, Miss Elizabeth ("Lizzy") Bennet befriends the clever and provocative Abby Trenwith, a woman dedicated to enlightening others in the pleasures of the flesh. Intrigued, Lizzy agrees to receive an education from a mentor appointed by her new friend. Little does she know that her masked mentor is the arrogant Mr. Darcy, a man who ruined her sister's prospects for marital happiness. Darcy, a longtime friend of Abby, is desperately looking for a way to take his mind off the clever and captivating Elizabeth Bennett. His identity hidden, Darcy accepts his new charge from Abby but finds that the new protege is remarkably similar in mannerism to Miss Elizabeth. When he discovers that his student and his obsession are one in the same, Darcy is torn between desire and obligation. Should he risk everything for a distant chance at something more? PRIDE, PREJUDICE & PLEASURE is a steamy historical romance that puts an unexpected twist on literature's most famous couple. If you like sultry chemistry, Regency trappings, and new takes on classic characters, then you'll love this super sexy retelling. Buy PRIDE, PREJUDICE & PLEASURE for a fun and sexy Regency read!

Pride And Prejudice

Author: Mitzi Szereto
ISBN: 1573446637
File Size: 15,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 2289
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Mitzi Szereto's sizzling rewrite of Jane Austen's classic novel truly goes all the way: Mr. Bingley and his sister both have designs on Mr. Darcy's manhood; Elizabeth's BFF Charlotte stumbles upon a secret world of feminine relations more to her liking than those of her marriage to Mr Collins and men are not always the dominating sex! And of course, there's some good old fashioned bodice ripping that shows no pride or prejudice and reveals hot, hidden lusts in every page-turning chapter.

Celebrating Pride And Prejudice

Author: Susannah Fullerton
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
ISBN: 0760344361
File Size: 53,91 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7963
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Pride and Prejudice is studied and celebrated, and its creation and phenomenal legacy thoroughly explored, in this loving tribute to Jane Austen's beloved masterpiece.

Romancing Mr Darcy

Author: P. O. Dixon
Publisher: Regents and Cotswold Book Group
File Size: 41,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1418
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Falling in love with Mr. Darcy again and again and again ... Three best-selling Pride and Prejudice 'what-if' stories in a one enticing collection! To Have His Cake - Taunting. Tantalizing. Titillating. In an amorous, provocative, and at times tumultuous tale, Mr. Darcy is a wealthy young man of sense and education with considerable knowledge of the world. He is his own master. He enjoys his lifestyle and has no particular desire to marry at all. That is until he renews his acquaintance with Miss Elizabeth Bennet—her circumstances greatly diminished pursuant to the sudden and tragic death of her father. Follow Darcy's journey from a man who indeed is proud and haughty to one who seeks to please a woman worthy of being pleased. To Refuse Such a Man - Compromised. Courted. Captivated. Miss Elizabeth Bennet must decide whether to accept or refuse a proposal from the last man in the world whom she could be prevailed on to marry. At least two unhappy alternatives are also before her: certain scandal and her mother's disapprobation. Is there a path to happily ever after in the wake of an alliance born out of such circumstances? Still a Young Man - Secrets. Seductions. Second Chances. Widowed after six months of marriage, an older Elizabeth is determined to leave her past behind and enjoy life to its fullest, on her own terms. Charming, witty, and engaging, she is widely admired by all. However, everything is not as it seems. She harbors a secret. The beautiful widow captivates a younger Mr. Darcy. He struggles to break through her protective barriers, the most daunting being her tightly held conviction that she will never marry again. Elizabeth, refusing to suffer anyone's pity, hides the unpleasant truth of her forced marriage from everyone. Having observed the mourning period for a deceased husband she did not love, she looks forward to enjoying a Season in town. Her liveliness, her beauty, and her charm attract the notice of unscrupulous people posing as friends. There's only one man who’s able to help her navigate the treacherous waters of the ton. ● Praise for To Have His Cake ● ❝It reminded me a bit of Jane Erye...but with better lighting.❞ - Kelli Crowe ❝This story had all the bells and whistles - a classic romance.❞ - Reader Review ❝I found To Have His Cake (and Eat it Too) to be an imaginative, emotional, and exhilarating variation of Pride and Prejudice.❞ - Meredith, Austenesque Reviews ● Praise for To Refuse Such a Man ● ❝I really enjoyed this variation of Darcy and Elizabeth's journey of discovering one another... I couldn't put it down. Loved it!!❞ - Reader Review ❝Pam knows how to weave a wonderful story. I highly recommend this story.❞ - Reader Review ● Praise for Still a Young Man ● ❝If you are looking for a story that takes you beyond Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, this is a perfect choice.❞ - Stephanie H. ❝I couldn't put this book down. I finished it in a day! I love the twists and turns and the different Elizabeth than the original.❞ - Reader Review ❝Filled with secrets, scandals, and speculation, Still a Young Man is an enthralling adventure into London society! I highly recommend this novel to Austenesque readers interested in seeing Darcy and Elizabeth traverse distinctly alternate and original path!❞ - Meredith, Austenesque Reviews

Chaos Comes To Kent

Author: Jann Rowland
Publisher: One Good Sonnet Publishing
ISBN: 1987929640
File Size: 26,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7368
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Unable to visit his cousins as planned, Mr. Collins invites them to stay at his parsonage the following spring. The Bennets go to Kent expecting a foolish Mr. Collins and an overbearing Lady Catherine de Bourgh. While one is as they expect, the other is surprisingly amiable. When Mr. Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, visit Lady Catherine at the same time, they each begin to focus on a Bennet sister, prodded by well-meaning relations, but spurred on by their own feelings. But though Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth quickly begin to fall in love, there are other elements of both families who are determined to interfere . . . . Chaos Comes to Kent is a short novel of 75,000 words.

Pride And Proposals

Author: Victoria Kincaid
ISBN: 9780991668120
File Size: 60,78 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 3572
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A Pride and Prejudice variation What if Mr. Darcy's proposal was too late? Darcy has been bewitched by Elizabeth Bennet since he met her in Hertfordshire. He can no longer fight this overwhelming attraction and must admit he is hopelessly in love. During Elizabeth's visit to Kent she has been forced to endure the company of the difficult and disapproving Mr. Darcy, but she has enjoyed making the acquaintance of his affable cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. Finally resolved, Darcy arrives at Hunsford Parsonage prepared to propose-only to discover that Elizabeth has just accepted a proposal from the Colonel, Darcy's dearest friend in the world. As he watches the couple prepare for a lifetime together, Darcy vows never to speak of what is in his heart. Elizabeth has reason to dislike Darcy, but finds that he haunts her thoughts and stirs her emotions in strange ways. Can Darcy and Elizabeth find their happily ever after?