Potts Models And Related Problems In Statistical Mechanics

Author: Paul Purdon Martin
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810200756
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Potts Models and Related Problems in Statistical Mechanics

Advanced Statistical Mechanics

Author: Barry M McCoy
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199556636
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McCoy presents the advances made in statistical mechanics over the last 50 years, including mathematical theorems on order and phase transitions, numerical and series computations of phase diagrams and solutions for important solvable models such as Ising and 8 vortex.

New Problems Methods And Techniques In Quantum Field Theory And Statistical Mechanics

Author: Mario Rasetti
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810202255
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Exactly Soluble Models In Statistical Mechanics Historical Perspectives And Current Status

Author: King Christopher
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814546593
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This unique volume aims to provide a first comprehensive assessment on attributes, conditions and characters which constitute a liveable city. The book posits that the degree of liveability depends on five themes: satisfaction with the freedom from want; satisfaction with the state of the natural environment and its management; satisfaction with freedom from fear; satisfaction with the socio-cultural conditions; and satisfaction with public governance.The authors attempt to be more constructive through performing policy simulations by first identifying relative weaknesses and strengths of 64 global cities across major continents including European, Asian, Middle Eastern, North and South American cities. The book also ranks and simulates 36 Asian cities separately, of which many are emerging third-world cities that are in need of policy guidance.

Statistical Physics On The Eve Of The 21st Century In Honour Of J B Mcguire On The Occasion Of His 65th Birthday

Author: Wille Luc T
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814544167
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This volume is a collection of original papers and reviews in honour of James McGuire, one of the pioneers of integrable models in statistical physics. The broad range of articles offers a timely perspective on the current status of statistical mechanics, identifying both recent results as well as future challenges. The work contains a number of overviews of standard topics such as exactly solved lattice models and their various applications in statistical physics, from models of strongly correlated electrons to the conformational properties of polymer chains. It is equally wide ranging in its coverage of new directions and developing fields including quantum computers, financial markets, chaotic systems, Feigenbaum scaling, proteins, brain behaviour, immunology, Markov superposition, Bose-Einstein condensation, random matrices, exclusion statistics, vertex operator algebras and D-unsolvability.The level of coverage is appropriate for graduate students. It will be equally of interest to professional physicists who want to learn about progress in statistical physics in recent years. Experts will find this work useful because of its broad sweep of topics and its discussion of remaining unsolved problems.

Thermodynamics Of Complex Systems

Author: Luigi Sertorio
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789971509781
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This book aims at guiding the reader with continuity from the elements of classical equilibrium thermodynamics to the formal problems of global non equilibrium thermodynamics necessary to describe an ?active system? such is a thermodynamic ecosystem. To this purpose, the brief review of equilibrium thermodynamics emphasizes the concepts of disequilibrium, Carnot cycles and less efficient cycles, and Gibbs availability as the distance from equilibrium. In this way the reader is taken by hand to accept the concept of Gibbs efficiency of the ecosystem Earth as a property given to us by the cosmological evolution. The final chapters are devoted to the optimal control theory of global non-equilibrium systems. An elementary theory of zero energy thermodynamic automata is presented. A thermodynamic automation with four temperatures and three controls is discussed in detail.

Progress In Statistical Mechanics

Author: Chin-Kun Hu
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789971507145
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A Guide To Monte Carlo Simulations In Statistical Physics

Author: David P. Landau
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316062635
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Dealing with all aspects of Monte Carlo simulation of complex physical systems encountered in condensed-matter physics and statistical mechanics, this book provides an introduction to computer simulations in physics. This fourth edition contains extensive new material describing numerous powerful algorithms not covered in previous editions, in some cases representing new developments that have only recently appeared. Older methodologies whose impact was previously unclear or unappreciated are also introduced, in addition to many small revisions that bring the text and cited literature up to date. This edition also introduces the use of petascale computing facilities in the Monte Carlo arena. Throughout the book there are many applications, examples, recipes, case studies, and exercises to help the reader understand the material. It is ideal for graduate students and researchers, both in academia and industry, who want to learn techniques that have become a third tool of physical science, complementing experiment and analytical theory.

Perspectives And Challenges In Statistical Physics And Complex Systems For The Next Decade

Author: Gandhimohan M Viswanathan
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814590150
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Statistical Physics (SP) has followed an unusual evolutionary path in science. Originally aiming to provide a fundamental basis for another important branch of Physics, namely Thermodynamics, SP gradually became an independent field of research in its own right. But despite more than a century of steady progress, there are still plenty of challenges and open questions in the SP realm. In fact, the area is still rapidly evolving, in contrast to other branches of science, which already have well defined scopes and borderlines of applicability. This difference is due to the steadily expanding number of applications, as well as ongoing improvements and revisions of concepts and methods in SP. Such particular aspects of SP lend further significance and timeliness to this book about perspectives and trends within the field. Here, the aim is to present the state-of-the-art vision of expert researchers who study SP and Complex Systems. Although a comprehensive treatment is well beyond what can be treated in a single volume, the book provides a snapshot of the field today, as well as a glimpse of where the field may be heading during the next decade. The book is aimed at graduate and advanced undergraduate physics students, as well as researchers who work with SP, Complex Systems, Computational Physics, Biological Physics and related topics. It addresses questions such as: What insights can be gained from recent advances in the study of traditional problems in SP? How can SP help us understand problems that arise in the biological sciences and in the study of complex systems? How can new problems be formulated using the ‘language’ of SP? In this way, it attempts to document partial progress in answering these and related questions. The book also commemorates the occasion of the 70th anniversary in 2011 of two important physicists and friends who dedicated their lives to the understanding of nature in general and to the development of Statistical Physics and the science of Complexity in particular: Liacir Lucena and H Eugene Stanley. Contents:Further Advances in the Analysis of Traditional Problems in Statistical Physics:Comparing Methods and Monte Carlo Algorithms at Phase Transition Regimes: A General Overview (C E Fiore)Density of States of the Ising Model in the Field (B D Stošić)A Renormalization Group Study of the Three-Color Ashkin-Teller Model on a Wheatstone Hierarchical Lattice (R Teodoro, C G Bezerra, A M Mariz, F A da Costa and J M de Araújo)Applying Virial Theorem in Continuous Potential of Two Scales (N M Barraz Jr and M C Barbosa)Elementary Statistical Models for Nematic Transitions in Liquid-Crystalline Systems (D B Liarte & S R Salinas)Phase Diagram and Layer-Thinning Transitions in Free-Standing Liquid Crystal Films (M S S Pereira, I N de Oliveira and M L Lyra)On Some Experimental Reasons for an Inhomogeneous Structure of Ambient Water on the Nanometer Length Scale (F Mallamace, C Corsaro and C Vasi)Polyamorphism and Polymorphism of a Confined Water Monolayer: Liquid-Liquid Critical Point, Liquid-Crystal and Crystal-Crystal Phase Transitions (V Bianco, O Vilanova and G Franzese)New Insights into Traditional Problems in Statistical Physics:Topological and Geometrical Aspects of Phase Transitions (F A N Santos, J A Rehn and M D Coutinho-Filho)Pacman Percolation and the Glass Transition (R Pastore, M P Ciamarra and A Coniglio)Exact Solution for a Diffusive Process on a Backbone Structure: Green Function Approach and External Force (E K Lenzi, L R da Silva, A A Tateishi, M K Lenzi and H V Ribeiro)Multifractal Surfaces: Lucena and Stanley Approaches (G Corso and D A Moreira)Applications to Biological Problems:Nanoelectronics of a DNA Molecule (E L Albuquerque, U L Fulco, E W S Caetano, V N Freire, M L Lyra and F A B F Moura)Magic Trees in Mammalians Respiration or When Evolution Selected Clever Physical Systems (B Sapoval and M Filoche)Social Distancing Strategies Against Disease Spreading (L D Valdez, C Buono, P A Macri and L A Braunstein)Non-Traditional Problems Related to Complex Systems:Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Granular Materials (G M Kremer)Continuous and First-Order Jamming Transition in Crossing Pedestrian Traffic Flows (H J Hilhorst, J Cividini and C Appert-Rolland)Multiplicative Processes in Visual Cognition (H F Credidio, E N Teixeira, S D S Reis, A A Moreira and J S Andrade Jr)Search Strategy: Hedging Your Bet (M F Shlesinger) Readership: Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, academics and professionals in statistical physics, complex systems and nonlinear science. Key Features:This is the only book which brings together topics as diverse as water, random searches, percolation, and trafficNo similar titles with such diversity of themes available in the marketMost of the contributors are already well known in their fieldsKeywords:Statistical Physics;Complex Systems

Algebraic And Geometric Topology

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