More Than A Mouthful Adventures Of A Dentist

Author: Dr Sandesh Mayekar
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9351369757
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We use our teeth every day-to munch on an apple or carrot, to hold a pen-knife or a hairpin; we put them on display when we smile or laugh. But we rarely think about the strain we subject them to, rushing to the dentist only when our teeth cry out in pain. Or, sometimes, when they spoil the symmetry of our face. Teeth may go missing while shooting for a Bollywood fighting scene. They may shrink to half their size because of too much cola intake. A person may commit suicide because of the buzzing in his ears caused by a strained muscle in the jaw. Dr Sandesh Mayekar has seen all this and worse. He has performed root canal on a two-year-old, done risky surgeries and implants on senior citizens, lightened a lady's dark gums for a beauty contest and sealed that wide gap between a cricketer's front teeth for a photo shoot. More Than a Mouthful tells the stories behind those healthy teeth that you see on TV or on the big screen. Mayekar has stayed up nights, sometimes travelled miles, to address an emergency. He has assuaged patients' fears with as much clinical care as personal concern. It is also the tale of one man's determination to master his craft and lay the foundation of Aesthetic Dentistry in India-a journey that has taken him from humble beginnings in a chawl in Mumbai to the swanky Bandstand at Bandra. Written with passion and laced with wit, More Than a Mouthful is what the doctor prescribes to rid you of that fear of the dentist.

More Than A Mouthful

Author: Chris Griffin
ISBN: 9780983340454
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"You don't have to brush your teeth, only the ones you want to keep!" Author unknownDental technicians have been around for a long time. Tooth extraction has been practiced from the time of early man, most of which would not qualify as comfortable. From those painful beginnings sprung the practice of modern dentistry.Because of the pain they were formerly associated with, dentists were made fun of constantly. We had one-liners like this Rodney Dangerfield quote: "I told my dentist that my teeth were going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie." Dentists know that many of us are still motivated to visit them because of pain or the threat of pain! But, in case you were not aware, you can now visit the dentist for 'pain-free' treatment - unlike those days when pain from toothaches trumped everything else. In this twenty-first century, dental health has improved in ways that were not imaginable twenty years ago. Also, new links between general health and our teeth are firmly established and our health and dental education now comes primarily from local dentists. In addition, dentists are now fully engaged with the maintenance of our smiles and self-esteem - a pre-eminent psychological offshoot.In this book, dental health education and advice is presented by our Celebrity Expert Dentists. It is critical and purposeful. It includes the latest advances in dentistry for our smiles as well as our overall physical and mental health, and that's....'More Than A Mouthful!'

More Than A Mouthful

Author: Monica Grace Maria Meneghetti
File Size: 27,67 MB
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More than a Mouthful: A Memoir in Bites is a collection of short-form memoir. It pushes the boundaries of its creative nonfiction genre by presenting memoir material from a new perspective: that creative nonfiction is not a genre but a mode of writing that can be explored in various genres. With a combination of prose, lyric prose and prose poetry pieces, More than a Mouthful tells the author's story of loss, grief and sexual awakening through her relationship with food.

Much More Than A Mouthful

Author: Eva Quim
Publisher: Eva Quim
File Size: 35,80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This collection includes the first six books of the Breastfully Yours series. The ménage à trois which forms in the second book, Nursing Nadine, becomes a living breathing thing as the series gathers steam and Adam Link, the software developer / bodybuilder learns how best to satisfy his buxotic companions—the stylish, imperious and preposterously top heavy Hitomi, and the needy, exuberant artist, Nadine, whose curves go on forever above and below. The lactating duo require Adam’s constant attention in more ways than one, and he is more than happy to oblige. (Though he must in the end, cut back on solid food to maintain his body builder’s physique.) All three have secrets, fetishes, kinks and issues to be resolved before any kind of happily ever after becomes possible. Mind blowing sex is the tool used to unlock their hidden potentials and lead them towards the series’ riveting conclusion. If you would like to read the entire series in one volume, click on my name next to this title and check out the Completely Irresistible Box Set, which collects the entire Breastfully Yours series to it's mind blowing happy-for-now conclusion!

The Assassin

Author: Henk Van Woerden
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312420840
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Examines the life of South African assassin Dimitri Tsafendas, whose African and Greek heritage made him unwanted by both whites and blacks, who fatally stabbed prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd in his anger over apartheid. Reprint.

Money By The Mouthful

Author: Robert O. Nara
ISBN: 0933420005
File Size: 61,11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Mouthful Of Air

Author: Anthony Burgess
ISBN: 9780099224013
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A Mouthful Of Rivets

Author: Nancy Baker Wise
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc Pub
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Provides an oral history of the women who took part in the war effort on the home front putting aside school, families, and peacetime jobs to become riveters, geologists, pilots, and truck drivers

A Mouthful Of Stars

Author: Kim Sunee
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449451675
File Size: 24,89 MB
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"There is a big difference between traveling to escape and traveling to discover. A Mouthful of Stars is a book that shows the beauty of learning about yourself, the food you eat, the world around you, and the wonderful people at every stop. It's a poignant voyage through the smart writings and wonderful recipes of Kim Sunée." -- HUGH ACHESON, author of A New Turn in the South "Kim Sunée's food, life, and writing are the stuff of pure genius. When she cooks, I am hungry, craving not just her food but also the essence of her presence and the mindfulness with which she lives. She has taken recipes from near and far, and served them to us with doses of stylishness, honest ingredients, playful spices,and haunting flavors." -- SUVIR SARAN, Top Chef Master and author of American Masala and Indian Home Cooking "A Mouthful of Stars will immediately draw you into Kim's culinary journey through the stories she shares of cooks and how they connect with their food. Get ready to be transformed into her world of Flower and Ice, Down-and-Dirty Rice, Tipsy Melons, and more. A Mouthful of Stars is a tasty and thoughtful combination of Zen and gourmet." -- SARA FOSTER, author of Sara Foster's Southern Kitchen and The Foster's Market Cookbook "Kim Sunée is one of the most compelling memoirists writing today, and on top of that, she is a gifted cook. I want to follow her everywhere she goes, reflect on every thought in this moving story, and make a meal of A Mouthful of Stars. I loved being immersed in the context of each recipe, and was impressed by how effortlessly Kim can transport dishes from near, far, and wide to her own kitchen and into ours." -- MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN, food columnist for the New York Times Bestselling author of Trail of Crumbs and former food editor Kim Sunée offers up her first cookbook. A Mouthful of Stars: A Constellation of Favorite Recipes from My World Travels is a collection of Kim's interpretation of cherished recipes and cooking discoveries from across the globe. From Tuscan crostini di fegatini and Louisiana dirty rice to the flavors of her birth country, South Korea, and favorites from the ten years she spent eating and cooking in Provence and Paris, you'll find A Mouthful of Stars in the cookbook section. However, this book's breadth also extends to travel and food writing. The author's time in many lands and cooking in many kitchens has inspired this beautiful, unique, exotic, and delicious culinary journey. From the foreword by Frances Mayes: "Trail of Crumbs established Kim Sunée as an outstanding literary writer, not only about life, but about food. . . . Now, after Kim's brilliant debut memoir, she serves forth A Mouthful of Stars. What an astonishing book. I zoomed through the pages with an increasing feeling of joy. A Mouthful of Stars is original. First, she brings to her recipes zest, energy, and a raucous spirit of fun. Second, she praises, philosophizes, and celebrates . . . She knows that life isn't worth living without friends who know how to eat the heart out of a taco. This sense infuses every bite. How could I help but dash to the kitchen to try Grilled Peaches Wrapped in Prosciutto, Pan-fried Peppers with Coconut and Tamarind, Roasted Cherries with Burrata, and Quick Pickled Fennel. I love her delicate balance of flavors and aromas. Is she alchemist, conjurer, poet, or cook? All of the above. Even the few classic recipes (roast turkey and pizza) include a particular Kim-twist. A Mouthful of Stars makes a cultural leap out beyond the landscape where most cooks stir their pots. Kim's allegiance is to a global kitchen. A citizen of the world, she's not tied to a particular terrain. This is the future. She's already where we're headed. And the food, paradiso!"

Garfield Says A Mouthful

Author: Jim Davis
Publisher: Ballantine Group
ISBN: 0345537556
File Size: 34,14 MB
Format: PDF
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He's a simple cat. He enjoys long naps, big dinners, and watching Jon fall flat on his face. But whether he's setting a trap for the mailman, stalking the chips bag, or helping Jon discover his artistic side, Garfield knows what to do and he knows how to do it with style.