Masters Of The Reformation

Author: Heiko Augustinus Oberman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521230988
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A general survey of academic thought and its impact on a wider world from the later Middle Ages to the emergence of Luther and the city Reformation. The book uses the early history of the University of Tubingen to illuminate late fifteenth-century theological developments and the first stirrings of the Reformation.

Masters Of The English Reformation

Author: Marcus Loane
Publisher: Banner of Truth
ISBN: 9780851519104
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"This book tells the story of the English Reformation. It penetrates behind the facade of political change and acts of Parliament and brings to light the inner movement of the Spirit of God in men of humble heart and heroic faith. Its author believes there was a guiding hand at the helm of the Reformation, and that this divine guidance is most clearly revealed by a detailed study of the life and motives of those who were marked out as leaders of the movement and masters of its theology." "The five men chosen for this purpose were the most significant of those who laid down their lives in the cause of the English Reformation. Bilney and Tyndale represent the movement in the reign of Henry VIII; Ridley and Cranmer dominate the study in the reign of Edward VI. The life of Latimer links Bilney with Cranmer and spans the whole period from the early days of conversion in the Halls of Cambridge right on to the triumphant martyrdoms in the fires of Oxford. The forty years, from 1516 to 1556, during which these men found and followed Jesus Christ were the years in which the English Reformation was cradled and nurtured for the glory of God."--BOOK JACKET.

The European Reformation

Author: Euan Cameron
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199547858
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Since its first appearance in 1991, The European Reformation has offered a clear, integrated and coherent analysis and explanation of how Christianity in Western and Central Europe from Iceland to Hungary, from the Baltic to the Pyrenees splintered into separate Protestant and Catholic identities and movements. This new edition embraces and responds to developments in scholarship over the past twenty years. Substantially re-writtenand updated, with both a thorough revision of the text and fully updated references and bibliography, it nevertheless preserves the distinctive features of the original, including its clearly thought-outintegration of theological ideas and political cultures, helping to bridge the gap between theological and social history, and the use of helpful charts and tables that made the original so easy to use.

Family Reformation Promoted And Other Works

Author: Daniel Cawdrey
Publisher: Puritan Publications
ISBN: 1938721322
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This new work, the final compilation of Cawdrey’s writings, was his most popular and well-received treatise on Family Reformation. He urged William Gouge, who wrote “Of Domestical Duties” which was almost exhaustive on the reformation of the family, to condense a smaller work that would be more manageable for the laity. Cawdrey took this task up himself with Gouge’s blessing. As a result, this work on Family Reformation became exceedingly popular. It covers the duties of husbands to wives, wives to husbands, children’s duties, as well as master and slaves. Cawdrey also includes a catechism to confirm the teachings of biblical truth in a reformed family. Also included in this volume are the last of Cawdrey’s known works covering humility, the effects of a good man on the community in which he lives, as well as a short scholarly treatise on the role of the magistrate called “The Depths of Satan Discovered.” This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Abstract Of A Bill For The Reformation Of The High Court Of Chancery

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Advancing The Ball

Author: N. Jeremi Duru
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199792267
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Following the NFL's desegregation in 1946, opportunities became increasingly plentiful for African American players--but not African American coaches. Although Major League Baseball and the NBA made progress in this regard over the years, the NFL's head coaches were almost exclusively white up until the mid-1990s. Advancing the Ball chronicles the campaign of former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman John Wooten to right this wrong and undo decades of discriminatory head coach hiring practices--an initiative that finally bore fruit when he joined forces with attorneys Cyrus Mehri and Johnnie Cochran. Together with a few allies, the triumvirate galvanized the NFL's African American assistant coaches to stand together for equal opportunity and convinced the league to enact the "Rooney Rule," which stipulates that every team must interview at least one minority candidate when searching for a new head coach. In doing so, they spurred a movement that would substantially impact the NFL and, potentially, the nation. Featuring an impassioned foreword by Coach Tony Dungy, Advancing the Ball offers an eye-opening, first-hand look at how a few committed individuals initiated a sea change in America's most popular sport and added an extraordinary new chapter to the civil rights story.

A Heart For Reformation

Author: C. Matthew McMahon
Publisher: Puritan Publications
ISBN: 1447556267
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This book uses the historical context of Josiah and his reformation in Israel to aid the Christian in understanding the kind of heart that they have. What kind of heart do you have? This book explores the need for a Christian’s heart to beat after God’s Word and will. It is not a book solely about “Reformed Theology”, but rather, it teaches what it means to be a “reforming, covenanted Christian amidst God’s people and Word.” It asks the question “What is true, biblical reformation?” And it answers it in dealing with each compartment of the Christian life – church, home, work and the like.

The Bulwark Or Reformation Journal

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Masters Of Preaching

Author: Ray E. Atwood
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0761857818
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Format: PDF, ePub
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Every period of Church history contains preachers who have been blessed with oratorical skills and spiritual depth. Masters of Preaching lays the foundations for a deeper understanding of Christian preaching. Through the lives and works of thirty-one men, the reader will experience fine sermons from the most eloquent homilists.

Reformation Of Islamic Thought

Author: Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 905356828X
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Format: PDF, ePub
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After September 11, Islam became nearly synonymous with fundamentalism in the eyes of Western media and literature. However widely held this view may be, it is at odds with Islam’s rich political history. Renowned Egyptian scholar Nasr Abû Zayd here considers the full breadth of contemporary Muslim writings to examine the diverse political, religious, and cultural views that inform discourse in the Islamic world. Reformation of Islamic Thought explores the writings of intellectuals from Egypt to Iran to Indonesia, probing their efforts to expand Islam beyond traditional and legalistic interpretations. Zayd reveals that many Muslim thinkers advocate culturally enlightened Islam with an emphasis on individual faith. He then investigates the extent of these Muslim reformers’ success in generating an authentic renewal of Islamic ideology, asking if such thinkers have escaped the traditionalist trap of presenting a negative image to the West. A fascinating and highly relevant study for our times, Reformation of Islamic Thought is an essential analysis of Islam’s present and future.