Journalism Ethics By Court Decree

Author: John C. Watson
Publisher: LFB Scholarly Publishing
ISBN: 9781593322663
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Watson concludes that journalism practice is guided and defined by law and ethics. Journalists are most likely to follow an ethical principle when it is supported by the law and less likely if it is opposed or not supported by the law. The law at issue is virtually always the First Amendment. Because the Supreme Court has the final say on First Amendment issues, the Court has a powerful influence on the applied ethics of journalism. Watson analyzes Court rulings since 1947 that address journalism's primary ethical principles. He considers the implications of having jurists set the course of proper journalism practice, especially when unfettered journalism ethics require journalists to violate the law.

Kenya Justice Sector And The Rule Of Law

Author: PK Mbote
Publisher: African Minds
ISBN: 1920489185
File Size: 17,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The premise of this report is based on Kenya's policy blueprint, Vision 2030, which places rule of law at the center of its goals. It was commenced at the same time as the nation was recuperating from the post-election poll, which resulted in many Kenyans expressing disappointment at the nation's democratic institutions. The study, produced by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa, examines and makes recommendations for the following topics: justice sector and rule of law; legal and institutional framework; government track record in respect to rule of law; management of the justice system; independence of the bench and bar; criminal justice; access to justice; and the role of donor agencies.

The Environmental Rights Revolution

Author: David R. Boyd
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774821639
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The right to a healthy environment has been the subject of extensive philosophical debates that revolve around the question: Should rights to clean air, water, and soil be entrenched in law? David Boyd answers this by moving beyond theoretical debates to measure the practical effects of enshrining the right in constitutions. His pioneering analysis of 193 constitutions and the laws and court decisions of more than 100 nations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa reveals a positive correlation between constitutional protection and stronger environmental laws, smaller ecological footprints, superior environmental performance, and improved quality of life.

Almanac Of The Federal Judiciary

Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 9781567061543
File Size: 78,22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Mass Communication Law And Ethics

Author: Roy L. Moore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780805825992
File Size: 24,65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The second edition of Mass Communication Law and Ethicsfeatures a complete updating of all major U.S. Supreme Court cases and lower court decisions through 1998; more discussion throughout the book on media ethics and the role of ethics in media law; and an updated appendix that now features a copy of the U.S. Constitution, new sample copyright and trademark registration forms, and the current versions of major media codes of ethics, including the new code of the Society of Professional Journalists. Extensively updated and expanded chapters provide: *more detailed explanations of the legal system, the judicial process, and the relationship between media ethics and media law; *new cases in this developing area of the law that has attracted renewed attention from the U.S. Supreme Court; *the new Telecommunications Act and the Communications Decency Act; *a discussion of telecommunications and the Internet; *new developments in access to courts, records, and meetings such as recent court decisions and statutory changes; and *more information about trademark and trade secret laws and recent changes in copyright laws, as well as major court decisions on intellectual property. The book has also been updated to include new developments in obscenity and indecency laws, such as the Communications Decency Act, and the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Reno vs. ACLU. In addition, the instructor's manual includes a listing of electronic sources of information about media law, sample exams, and a sample syllabus.

The Spectator

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Navajo Courts And Navajo Common Law

Author: Raymond Darrel Austin
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816665354
File Size: 44,49 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Navajo Nation court system is the largest and most established tribal legal system in the world. Since the landmark 1959 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Williams v. Lee that affirmed tribal court authority over reservation-based claims, the Navajo Nation has been at the vanguard of a far-reaching, transformative jurisprudential movement among Indian tribes in North America and indigenous peoples around the world to retrieve and use traditional values to address contemporary legal issues. A justice on the Navajo Nation Supreme Court for sixteen years, Justice Raymond D. Austin has been deeply involved in the movement to develop tribal courts and tribal law as effective means of modern self-government. He has written foundational opinions that have established Navajo common law and, throughout his legal career, has recognized the benefit of tribal customs and traditions as tools of restorative justice. In Navajo Courts and Navajo Common Law, Justice Austin considers the history and implications of how the Navajo Nation courts apply foundational Navajo doctrines to modern legal issues. He explains key Navajo foundational concepts like Hózhó (harmony), K'é (peacefulness and solidarity), and K'éí (kinship) both within the Navajo cultural context and, using the case method of legal analysis, as they are adapted and applied by Navajo judges in virtually every important area of legal life in the tribe. In addition to detailed case studies, Justice Austin provides a broad view of tribal law, documenting the development of tribal courts as important institutions of indigenous self-governance and outlining how other indigenous peoples, both in North America and elsewhere around the world, can draw on traditional precepts to achieve self-determination and self-government, solve community problems, and control their own futures.

Negotiating Journalism

Author: Elsebeth Frey
ISBN: 9789187957673
File Size: 10,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We need freedom of speech most when someone expresses offensive statements. Also, we need press freedom when news stories conflict the way authorities or powerful people and organizations look at the world. These freedoms are corner stones of journalism. When respected, journalism may contribute to a free flow of transparent and pluralistic information for citizens to be well informed. Yet, journalism ́s values and working methods, as well as journalists themselves, are challenged, pressured and threatened. This research anthology examines journalistic core values and how they are perceived and renegotiated in Bangladesh, Norway and Tunisia - and one chapter includes Colombia. In exploring views on journalism ́s values and press freedom transnationally, the comparative chapters (Part II) discuss and reflect on what journalism is. Finally, the case studies that close the book (Part III) offer empirical examples of journalism ́s role in transitional periods and at times of ideological conflicts: When the right to religion collides with press freedom and freedom of expression, and when bloggers are killed for speaking out, journalism is on the line. Source: publisher.

Legislation In Europe

Author: Ulrich Karpen
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1509908765
File Size: 19,17 MB
Format: PDF
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This book provides a practical handbook for legislation. Written by a team of experts, practitioners and scholars, it invites national institutions to apply its teachings in the context of their own drafting manuals and laws. Analysis focuses on general principles and best practice within the context of the different systems of government in Europe. Questions explored include subsidiarity, legitimacy, efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency, proportionality, monitoring and regulatory impact assessment. Taking a practical approach which starts from evidence-based rationality, it represents essential reading for all practitioners in the field of legislative drafting.

The Elements Of Journalism

Author: Bill Kovach
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)
ISBN: 0804136785
File Size: 45,62 MB
Format: PDF
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The authors outline the main principles of journalism, discussing the ethical and professional issues affecting the work of newspeople, the forces shaping the profession, and the future of journalism. 50,000 first printing.