Der Aufbau Und Die Entwicklung Von K Rperkultur Und Sport In Der Sbz Ddr Am Beispiel Regionaler Entwicklungen Im Land Brandenburg Mai 1945 Juli 1952

Author: Klaus Gallinat
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing
ISBN: 9783631323564
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Books In Print

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Training Socialist Citizens

Author: Molly Wilkinson Johnson
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004169571
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Drawing on archival, published, and oral history sources, this book analyzes the successes and limitations encountered by the East German state as it used participatory sports programs, sports festivals, and sports spectatorship to transform its population into new socialist citizens.

Research And Technology In The Former German Democratic Republic

Author: Raymond Bentley
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The Allies And The Italian Social Republic 1943 1945

Author: Oreste Foppiani
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9783034305631
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Italy's change of camp during World War II marked a turning point in the lives of all Italians, causing the -death of the fatherland- and the collapse of a two-decade long, dictatorial regime. Also, this switch triggered a bloody civil war, which increasingly divided an already fragmented country into two separate territories: the Salo Republic (RSI), occupied and controlled by the Germans, and the Southern Kingdom, occupied and administered by the Anglo-Americans.<BR> This book is about the British and American relations with, perceptions of, and judgments on the RSI. The period examined runs from September 1943 through April 1945 with some incursions into the immediate post-war period, when the Allied Control Commission and, after the fall of 1944, the Allied Commission and the Advisory Council for Italy, were still functioning. During this time frame Anglo-American troops were still occupying Italian soil, and some republican fascists remained in hiding, waiting to appear again on the political scene as turncoats, diehard fascists or -gladiators-. While the first part of the monograph deals specifically with the relations between the latter and the Allies, the second deals with American and British journalists and/or intellectuals who wrote about or worked for the RSI. The last section is dedicated to the different categories of post-9/8 Prisoners of War."

Europe Nationalism Communism

Author: José M. Faraldo
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783631567623
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This collection of articles on Polish history after 1945 begins with a study of the reconstruction of Polish towns after the World War II, presenting how ideological images of the nation transformed the physical form of urban landscapes. The book devotes also a long part to individual identities, exploring the most intimate level of representation of consciousness: autobiographies of Polish immigrants into former German territories. The last two articles explore the identitarian adaptation of Polish anticommunist emigrants in Spain and the possibilities of dispute about Europe at the beginning of Communist regimes in Poland and Central Europe. The book puts problems of private identities in the context of European discourses, showing how politics are a part of individual lives, too.

History Sophia And The Russian Nation

Author: Manon de Courten
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039104062
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In this study, the work of the philosopher, publicist, poet, mystic and activist Vladimir Solov'ev (1853-1900) is addressed from a new, interdisciplinary perspective. The author explores the connections between Solov'ev's views on history and his attempts to change the course of affairs in Russia. Firstly, the theological and philosophical aspects of Solov'ev's conception of history are unravelled. Most importantly, the central role of Sophia (Divine Wisdom) in his self-perception as the guiding prophet of Russian society is highlighted. Then, the author examines how Solov'ev's views on history prompted him to intervene in the following affairs: the crisis following the murder of tsar Alexander II in 1881, the famine of 1891-1892, and the condition of three religious minorities in Russia, namely the Old Believers, the Jews and the Catholic Poles. This two-fold analysis shows that Solov'ev departed from the ambition to cast Christian tradition in a modern mould by various means, speculative as well as practical. Characteristic for his attitude toward history is a tension between his professing an eternal truth and responding to a crisis in Russia. He emerges as a prodigiously erudite thinker, capable of synthesising various intellectual traditions ranging from Jewish mysticism to German idealism, and as a committed and independent intellectual in late tsarist Russia."

Scraps Of Thought Margin Notes In Old Romanian Books

Author: Mariana Borcoman
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9783631660461
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<I>Scraps of thought analyses notes in medieval books from the archive of the First Romanian School from <I>Şcheii Brașovului, the Romanian settlement outside Brașov city walls. Merchants, craftsmen and wealthy people financially supported St. Nicholas Church and the school on its premises. Families of scholars, formed in the school of <I>Şcheii, preserved the light of books and Romanian Orthodoxism in the region. The notes in the books reveal an educated society, passing on fragments of their way of thinking. We learn about unusual weather conditions, covenants for preserving the moral norms, information regarding the meeting of the priests in the area and especially the curses that were meant to protect the books. The study shows the medieval book as a written medium which included glimpses of life, fragments of human emotions and events.

Behind The Berlin Wall

Author: Patrick Major
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019924328X
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On 13 August 1961 eighteen million East Germans awoke to find themselves walled in by an edifice which was to become synonymous with the Cold War: the Berlin Wall. Patrick Major explores how the border closure affected ordinary East Germans, from workers and farmers to teenagers and even party members, 'caught out' by Sunday the Thirteenth.

How The International Women S Movement Discovered The Troubles

Author: Janou Glencross
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9783631602843
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Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book analyses women's transnational encounters in the Northern Ireland case. It connects both the different national contexts of women's movements and different strands of feminism against the setting of a raging local conflict and new international frameworks. During the 1970s the international women's movement, composed of a spectrum ranging from radical feminist to conservative, focussed on problems arising from the 'Troubles'. Using a wide range of European and American sources this book highlights the nationality of the women involved and what it meant for their activism. It argues that activists reflected their own national backgrounds as they worked through a new international framework - driven by media, European integration, the UN's decade for women and international social movements. This work contributes to both women's and gender history and to the study of international social movements and transnationalism. It brings them together to show activists' complicated agendas and how they intersected at national, local and international levels.