Carl Friedrich Gauss

Author: G. Waldo Dunnington
Publisher: MAA
ISBN: 9780883855478
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Format: PDF
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Classic biography of Gauss, updated with new introduction, bibliography and new material.

The Prince Of Mathematics

Author: M. B. W. Tent
Publisher: A K Peters, Ltd.
ISBN: 1568814550
File Size: 21,76 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Now in Paperback! The author narrates the life of Carl Friedrich Gauss, the 18th century mathematician, from his prodigious childhood to his extraordinary achievements that earned him the title Prince of Mathematics. Along the way, the author introduces her young readers to a different culture, the era of small states in Germany where advancement on merits, such as Gauss, was supported by enlightened rulers, competing for intellectual excellence and economic advantage through scientific progress in their small states.Based on extensive research of original and secondary sources, the author has created a historical narrative that will inspire young readers and even curious adults with a story full of human touch and personal achievement.

Disquisitiones Arithmeticae

Author: Carl Friedrich Gauss
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1493975609
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Carl Friedrich Gauss’s textbook, Disquisitiones arithmeticae, published in 1801 (Latin), remains to this day a true masterpiece of mathematical examination. .


Author: W. K. Bühler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 364249207X
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Procreare iucundum, sed parturire molestum. (Gauss, sec. Eisenstein) The plan of this book was first conceived eight years ago. The manuscript developed slowly through several versions until it attained its present form in 1979. It would be inappropriate to list the names of all the friends and advisors with whom I discussed my various drafts but I should like to mention the name of Mr. Gary Cornell who, besides discussing with me numerous details of the manuscript, revised it stylistically. There is much interest among mathematicians to know more about Gauss's life, and the generous help I received has certainly more to do with this than with any individual, positive or negative, aspect of my manuscript. Any mistakes, errors of judgement, or other inadequacies are, of course, the author's responsi bility. The most incisive and, in a way, easiest decisions I had to make were those of personal taste in the choice and treatment of topics. Much had to be omitted or could only be discussed in a cursory way.


Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Publisher: Random House Incorporated
ISBN: 0812979680
File Size: 74,46 MB
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Shares insights into how adversity can bring out the best in individuals and communities, drawing on multiple disciplines to consider such topics as the superiority of city states over nation states and the drawbacks of debt.

A Mathematician Comes Of Age

Author: Steven G. Krantz
Publisher: MAA
ISBN: 088385578X
File Size: 20,79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book treats the maturation process for a mathematics student. It describes and analyzes how a student develops from a neophyte who can manipulate simple arithmetic problems to a sophisticated thinker who can understand abstract concepts, think rigorously, and analyze and manipulate proofs. Most importantly, the mature mathematics student can create proofs and know when the proofs that he/she has created are correct. -- from Back Cover.

A Historian Looks Back

Author: Judith V. Grabiner
Publisher: MAA
ISBN: 0883855720
File Size: 41,93 MB
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Judith Grabiner has written extensively on the history of mathematics, principally for mathematicians rather than historians. This collection of her work highlights the benefits of studying the development of mathematical ideas and the relationship between culture and mathematics. She also considers the struggles and successes of famous mathematicians with the aim of inspiring students and teachers alike. A large part of this book is the author's The Calculus as Algebra: J.-L. Lagrange, 1736-1813 which focuses on Lagrange's pioneering attempt to reduce the calculus to algebra. The nine other articles are on a broad range of other topics such as some widely held myths about the history of mathematics and the work of heavyweight mathematicians such as Descartes, Newton, Maclaurin and Lagrange. Six of these articles have won awards from the MAA for expository excellence. This collection is an inspiring resource for history of mathematics courses.

The Edge Of The Universe

Author: Deanna Haunsperger
Publisher: MAA
ISBN: 9780883855553
File Size: 24,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Presents a collection of articles from "Math Horizons," including fiction, humor, history, social commentary, biographies, and theatrical and cinematic criticism.

Human Accomplishment

Author: Charles Murray
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061745677
File Size: 43,69 MB
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A sweeping cultural survey reminiscent of Barzun's From Dawn to Decadence. "At irregular times and in scattered settings, human beings have achieved great things. Human Accomplishment is about those great things, falling in the domains known as the arts and sciences, and the people who did them.' So begins Charles Murray's unique account of human excellence, from the age of Homer to our own time. Employing techniques that historians have developed over the last century but that have rarely been applied to books written for the general public, Murray compiles inventories of the people who have been essential to the stories of literature, music, art, philosophy, and the sciences—a total of 4,002 men and women from around the world, ranked according to their eminence. The heart of Human Accomplishment is a series of enthralling descriptive chapters: on the giants in the arts and what sets them apart from the merely great; on the differences between great achievement in the arts and in the sciences; on the meta-inventions, 14 crucial leaps in human capacity to create great art and science; and on the patterns and trajectories of accomplishment across time and geography. Straightforwardly and undogmatically, Charles Murray takes on some controversial questions. Why has accomplishment been so concentrated in Europe? Among men? Since 1400? He presents evidence that the rate of great accomplishment has been declining in the last century, asks what it means, and offers a rich framework for thinking about the conditions under which the human spirit has expressed itself most gloriously. Eye-opening and humbling, Human Accomplishment is a fascinating work that describes what humans at their best can achieve, provides tools for exploring its wellsprings, and celebrates the continuing common quest of humans everywhere to discover truths, create beauty, and apprehend the good.

Proof And Other Dilemmas

Author: Roger Simons
Publisher: MAA
ISBN: 9780883855676
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For the majority of the twentieth century, philosophers of mathematics focused their attention on foundational questions. However, in the last quarter of the century they began to return to basics, and two new schools of thought were created: social constructivism and structuralism. The advent of the computer also led to proofs and development of mathematics assisted by computer, and to questions concerning the role of the computer in mathematics. This book of sixteen original essays is the first to explore this range of new developments in the philosophy of mathematics, in a language accessible to mathematicians. Approximately half the essays were written by mathematicians, and consider questions that philosophers have not yet discussed. The other half, written by philosophers of mathematics, summarise the discussion in that community during the last 35 years. A connection is made in each case to issues relevant to the teaching of mathematics.