Captain Cook

Author: Stephen Feinstein
Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781598451023
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"Examines the life of Captain James Cook, a British explorer and scientist, including his early life, his many Pacific voyages, and his death and legacy"--Provided by publisher.

Voyages Of Discovery

Author: Lynne Withey
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520065642
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Withey's book enthrallingly combines true adventure, history and biography in the three Pacific voyages of Captain James Cook to show how, in the second half of the 18th century, popular interest in science and exploration merged to make possible unprecedented accomplishments. Photographs.

Farther Than Any Man

Author: Martin Dugard
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743436393
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James Cook never laid eyes on the sea until he was in his teens. He then began an extraordinary rise from farmboy outsider to the hallowed rank of captain of the Royal Navy, leading three historic journeys that would forever link his name with fearless exploration (and inspire pop-culture heroes like Captain Hook and Captain James T. Kirk). In Farther Than Any Man, noted modern-day adventurer Martin Dugard strips away the myth of Cook and instead portrays a complex, conflicted man of tremendous ambition (at times to a fault), intellect (though Cook was routinely underestimated) and sheer hardheadedness. When Great Britain announced a major circumnavigation in 1768 -- a mission cloaked in science, but aimed at the pursuit of world power -- it came as a political surprise that James Cook was given command. Cook's surveying skills had contributed to the British victory over France in the Seven Years' War in 1763, but no commoner had ever commanded a Royal Navy vessel. Endeavor's stunning three-year journey changed the face of modern exploration, charting the vast Pacific waters, the eastern coasts of New Zealand and Australia, and making landfall in Tahiti, Tierra del Fuego, and Rio de Janeiro. After returning home a hero, Cook yearned to get back to sea. He soon took control of the Resolution and returned to his beloved Pacific, in search of the elusive Southern Continent. It was on this trip that Cook's taste for power became an obsession, and his legendary kindness to island natives became an expectation of worship -- traits that would lead him first to greatness, then to catastrophe. Full of action, lush description, and fascinating historical characters like King George III and Master William Bligh, Dugard's gripping account of the life and gruesome demise of Capt. James Cook is a thrilling story of a discoverer hell-bent on traveling farther than any man.


Author: Nicholas Thomas
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 0802714129
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An in-depth chronicle of Captain James Cook's three historic voyages recounts his expeditions charting the eastern Australian coast, exploring the northwest coast of North America, circumnavigating New Zealand, and discovering many Pacific islands, setting his accomplishments against the backdrop of the colonialism of his era.

Captain Cook And Other Explorers

Author: Mike Wheeler
ISBN: 9780732982911
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Between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries, explorers set out from different parts of Europe. They went on to discover lands that had never before been seen by European eyes. One of the last great lands that European explorers came across was Australia. Read about the exploration of Australia in this book.aFree online teacher notes for this book are available via the link to the right.These notes provide guided reading and writing notes plus photocopiable sheets.Covering subjects from

Captain James Cook

Author: Richard Bowen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 142228963X
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Captain James Cook is one of the most famous explorers of all time. His discoveries include parts of Australia, islands in the Pacific, and parts of the Hawaiian Islands. Cook sailed to distant places from Antarctica to New Zealand, making maps and collecting information as he travelled. Today, we remember Captain Cook for his major discoveries and his leadership of his crew. Learn the story of one of the most important explorers in history in Captain James Cook: British Explorer.

Captain Cook

Author: Vanessa Collingridge
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 144811716X
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A uniquely woven story encompassing three separate centuries and three different lives. Captain Cook, best known for his heroic voyages through the Pacific Ocean, is brought to life in vivid detail. We follow his humble beginnings as the son of a farm labourer, through his convention-shattering treatment of the indigenous groups he met on his travels, and then onto his final tragic voyage which signalled the end of his revered reputation. One hundred years on from the death of Cook, another great man, George Collingridge begins his own adventure. He, like Cook was oblivious to the implications his journey would have. Along the way he unfolds ancient maps, secret tales and unearths hidden lands and buried treasure. He is also said to have realised that it was not Cook who discovered Australia - it was the Portugese. This firm belief was the eventual cause of his self-destruction. Another hundred years later Vanessa Collingridge, is searching for books on her lifelong hero Captain Cook in a university library. She discovers the name of a distant cousin, George Collingridge, in a dusty card index. And so a new journey of discovery begins - in the footsteps of her hero and his nemesis.

James Cook And The Exploration Of The Pacific

Author: Charles J. Shields
Publisher: Chelsea House Pub
ISBN: 9780791064238
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Cook explored the South Pacific in the 1760s and 1770s.

Captain Cook Pacific Explorer

Author: Ronald Syme
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Captain Cook

Author: Frank McLynn
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300172206
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The age of discovery was at its peak in the eighteenth century, with heroic adventurers charting the furthest reaches of the globe. Foremost among these explorers was navigator and cartographer Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy.Recent writers have viewed Cook largely through the lens of colonial exploitation, regarding him as a villain and overlooking an important aspect of his identity: his nautical skills. In this authentic, engrossing biography, Frank McLynn reveals Cook's place in history as a brave and brilliant seaman. He shows how the Captain's life was one of struggle--with himself, with institutions, with the environment, with the desire to be remembered--and also one of great success.In Captain Cook, McLynn re-creates the voyages that took the famous navigator from his native England to the outer reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Ultimately, Cook, who began his career as a deckhand, transcended his humble beginnings and triumphed through good fortune, courage, and talent. Although Cook died in a senseless, avoidable conflict with the people of Hawaii, McLynn illustrates that to the men with whom he served, Cook was master of the seas and nothing less than a titan.