Not You Again

Author: Fiona Wallace
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What Else Can I Do With You

Author: Fiona Wallace
Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited
ISBN: 9781412928977
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Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This revised edition focuses on interpersonal relationships, and attention seeking and positive behaviors, and includes a session record sheet and more than 20 new activities.

Sense And Celebrity

Author: Fiona Wallace
Publisher: Fiona Wallace
ISBN: 1463604157
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Alice Croft has a PhD, a university post, a heavily mortgaged Oxford townhouse and her young brother Daniel, whom she has brought up since he was a day old. When Daniel wins SuperStar, the national televised talent competition, it brings Stephen Rowan, SuperStar judge and number one entertainment agent, oiling into their lives. Botoxed and bronzed, he is everything that Alice despises. Quiet, highly intelligent and a size twelve, Alice has nothing to interest Stephen. A month later: He's seen her in the shower and she's seen his size zero girlfriend. He's passed out in front of her and she's covered him in SPF 30+. He's taken her to Sydney on holiday and she's given him a public bath in The Ivy. Could this be love? Or is he making good on his statement that the best woman to chase is one who thinks she's too smart to be caught? Neither of them expected anything like this, but just as Stephen isn't the vapid celebrity his image suggests, Alice isn't a snooty intellectual either. Perhaps this mismatch might just work? But when Stephen starts manipulating Daniel's love life-for the good of the boy's career, of course-Alice issues an ultimatum. Unfortunately, Stephen spends every day controlling other people, and the habits of a lifetime are hard to break. Being at the top only means it's a very long way to fall.

The Council Of Ministers

ISBN: 0230804179
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Spectroscopy With Polarized Light

Author: Josef Michl
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9780471186243
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This book deals with polarized optical spectroscopy of partially oriented fluid or rigid solutions. Starting from elementary concepts and relying on numerous illustrations, it provides an introduction to those interested in the measurement of the anisotropy of molecular optical properties in the UV, visible or IR regions (one- and two- photon absorption, simultaneous or sequential, luminescence, Raman scattering, natural and magnetic potical activity), or in the determination of uniaxial order and organization in supermolecular assemblies (liquid crystals, stretched polymers, membranes). The orienting effects of radiation (photoselection) are covered as well. A large number of examples of research applications within chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, and polymer science are given together with examples of practical application.

Just Stop And Think

Author: Fiona Wallace
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 184920277X
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Includes CD-Rom 'This newly updated resource book with printable activities (on an accompanying CD-Rom) provides excellent teaching materials for busy teachers and teaching assistants. It is likely to be most useful when linked to professional development activities designed to address behaviour issues at the whole-school level' - SENCO Update '[This book] offers a resource to schools that can be incorporated into differentiated classroom planning, as well as IBPs, IEPs or pastoral guidance for a particular child...[The book offers] a comprehensive means of helping those children who struggle with their behaviour to learn to take responsibility for their actions and to improve' - Special Children who struggle with their behaviour, just like those who struggle with an academic task such as learning to read or doing mathematical calculations, need extra, structured, support. This resource helps educational staff to teach young people to improve their behaviour without resorting to punishment or to strategies based on lost learning opportunities. The ready-to-use worksheets encourage pupils to: • understand their own behaviour • see others point of view • think about how the future might look • consider the range of choices to action • be aware of potential help and pitfalls • plan a course of action • check and review their progress. These will help children to take responsibility for their actions - both those that get them in trouble and those that they can take to change their behaviour for the better. For this new edition, the author has revised and expanded the whole book, and added 16 brand new worksheets. It is ideal for anyone working with pupils experiencing difficulty in school and can be used in group or individual work settings.

By Request Collection April June 2016 Mills Boon E Book Collections

Author: Trish Morey
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1474050085
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Treat yourself to a collection of all your favourites in this amazing 12-book collection from Mills & Boon. 36 romantic stories you won’t be able to stop reading!

Neuropathic Pain

Author: Cory Toth
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107470439
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Central or peripheral neuropathic pain can be caused by a wide range of injuries, infections and diseases such as: spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, herpes zoster, diabetes and cancer. Many of these pain syndromes are difficult to treat, representing a challenge for many neurologists not routinely trained in pain management. Written by an international team of experts in the field, Neuropathic Pain: Causes, Management and Understanding gives readers an in-depth understanding of the multitude of conditions causing neuropathic pain. Epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, pathophysiology, outcome measurement and the best evidence-based management of individual and general neuropathic pain conditions are also described in depth. A unique chapter, written from a patient's viewpoint, gives new insight into how chronic neuropathic pain affects the lives of those patients with the condition. This book is essential reading for all pain specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists and anesthesiologists who wish to better understand their patients' neuropathic pain.

Beyond Doorways

Author: Alexis Cartwright
ISBN: 9780975062814
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Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Deadly Dealer

Author: Ellery Adams
Publisher: Beyond The Page
ISBN: 1940846412
File Size: 73,79 MB
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The third in the Antiques & Collectible series by New York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams. In the world of antiques and collectibles, it helps to have a sharp eye for quality, a good ear for gossip, and a nose for murder. Molly Appleby’s career as a reporter for Collector’s Weekly is finally taking off, as is her relationship with coworker Matt Harrison. But the more time she spends covering Southern antiques and collectibles, the more times she finds herself face-to-face with a new mystery. And when she’s sent to Nashville to cover the famous Heart of Dixie auction, where all the major players in the world of collectibles gather, her hopes of steering clear of foul play are quickly dashed when a renowned and well-respected dealer is found murdered. Sifting through the clues among the aristocracy of antiques is no easy task, and Molly soon discovers the world of high-end dealers is filled with bitter rivalries, shady tactics, and questionable characters. And when one of them makes an attempt on Molly’s life, she realizes time is running out, and as she tries to unlock a mystery shrouded in old secrets and new cover-ups, she just might find that what looks like a priceless antique is the key to a very modern murder. “Great characters that you would love to tag along with and a story that keeps moving. I couldn’t put it down!” —Goodreads This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published under the name J. B. Stanley.