Author: Tina Marie Christensen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535107440
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It begins with a crystal temple... When Aurora shows her Crystal Meditations instructor a palm-sized temple said to be made of Atlantean quartz, his response is one of swift dismissal and coldness, until he leads her to discover Adia. Hovering over Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada is Adia, a crystalline city of light and ancient Atlantean outpost. Aurora and her instructor Benjamin explore the magic and mysteries within the city walls, and they discover their connection not only to Adia, but to each other as well.

Multiculturalism In Israel

Author: Adia Mendelson Maoz
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 1557536805
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" By analyzing its position within the struggles for recognition and reception of different national and ethnic cultural groups, this book offers a bold new picture of Israeli literature. Through comparative discussion of the literatures of Palestinian citizens of Israel, of Mizrahim, of migrants from the former Soviet Union, and of Ethiopian-Israelis, the author demonstrates an unexpected richness and diversity in the Israeli literary scene, a reality very different from the monocultural image that Zionism aspired to create. Drawing on a wide body of social and literary theory, Mendelson-Maoz compares and contrasts the literatures of the four communities she profiles. The picture that emerges from this groundbreaking book replaces the traditional, homogeneous historical narrative of Israeli literature with a diversity of voices, a multiplicity of origins, and a wide range of different perspectives. In doing so, it will provoke researchers in a wide range of cultural fields to look at the rich traditionsthat underlie it in new and fresh ways"--

Ana S Magic

Author: Aida
Publisher: Dynasty Publishing
ISBN: 0975258966
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Ana Wright, a very attractive young woman, has always gotten everything she has ever wanted. Including a lavish lifestyle at a young age. So when her most desirable dream of becoming a fashion designer is compromised by her family's misfortune, she decides to do whatever it takes to make her dream come true.

The Political Economy Of The Gulf Sovereign Wealth Funds

Author: Sara Bazoobandi
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415522226
File Size: 50,32 MB
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Using four Gulf sovereign wealth funds as case studies – Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE - this book examines and analyses the history, governance and structure, and investment strategies of the above mentioned funds, in the context of on-going debates about their transparency. The book discusses how most Gulf sovereign wealth funds were established under colonial rule, and have operated in the global financial system for many decades. With the increase of oil revenues, it goes on to look at how the funds have broadened their asset classes and their institutional development. Debate over the transparency of sovereign wealth funds has highlighted various global practices. Recently, organisational measures have been introduced for calculating possible risks from non-commercial investment incentives of funds, whose politically-driven investment strategies are viewed as potentially a major threat to the national security of their host countries. Highlighting a number of incidents that triggered the transparency debate, the book scrutinises the reaction of some of the Gulf sovereign wealth funds to these recent regulatory codes and strategies. It is a useful contribution to Development, Political Economy and Middle East Studies.

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Author: Christopher Balding
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199942773
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Sovereign wealth funds are a growing and dynamic force in international finance. The shifting international economic relations from capital rich states gives them new power in influencing the global agenda. Despite controlling trillions of dollars in the biggest companies in the world, little is known about the opaque funds of oil rich and non-democratic governments. This is the first book to compile a history of sovereign wealth funds recounting the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority's involvement with the scandal-plagued BCCI bank and Chinese arms exports to Iran. By constructing a history within the proper context of oil driven surpluses and large inflationary pressures with no international investment framework, this book explains the development and growth of sovereign wealth funds. The economics of capital surplus countries and investment strategies are examined in order to better understand sovereign wealth fund creation and growth. In a straightforward and accessible style, the author examines the complex and amazing growth of an unknown group of investors controlling trillions of dollars worldwide.

Major Companies Of Europe 1990 91 Volume 3

Author: R M Whiteside
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400908016
File Size: 23,23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Projek Seram Kem

Author: Maria Kajiwa, Zaifuzaman Ahmad, Aida Adia
Publisher: Buku Prima
ISBN: 9674462902
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Kisah Latifah - Maria Kajiwa Cerita ini mengisahkan ketabahan watak utamanya, Azim mencari adiknya, Bahiyah yang hilang sewaktu pergi ke sebuah kampung. Pencarian Azim membawa dia dan dua orang rakannya ke sebuah kem tahanan perang dunia ke 2 yang sudah ditinggalkan di atas sebuah bukit. Di situ, Azim dan kawan-kawannya berhadapan dengan pelbagai rintangan untuk menyelamatkan Bahiyah dari puaka yang mengawal tempat itu. Akhirnya setelah berhempas pulas, mereka berempat berjaya keluar dari situ dengan selamat. Dan akhirnya membongkar misteri yang sudah bertahun-tahun dirahsiakan. Kisah Malam Jumaat - Zaifuzaman Ahmad Zamri hanya bekerja di sebuah medan selera. Ketika malam jumaat, tidak ramai pelanggan yang hadir. Di kesempatan itu dia dan dua lagi rakan sekerja menghabiskan masa berbual. Topik yang dipilihnya kisah seram. Hanafi menceritakan empat kisah seram kepada mereka. Gara-gara sundel bolong, misteri kepala anjing, pocong dalam kem dan cubaan melarikan diri dan diganggu Pontianak. Malangnya malam itu Zamri sendiri ketika pulang telah diganggu dengan hantu tanpa kepala. Terus dia pengsan dan sejak itu dia tidak berani lagi untuk bergebang tentang kisah seram. Kem Rahsia - Aida Adia Empat rakan baik, Zayeed, Afy, Ryan dan Vijay tidak menyangka bahawa tugas mereka di KEM RAHSIA bukan sekadar melaksanakan latihan ketenteraan dan tugas-tugas rahsia dari unit mereka malah telah mengalami suatu tragedi berdarah hingga membawa impak besar dalam hidup mereka. Atas satu kesilapan tanpa disengajakan kerana mengambil barang yang bukan miliknya serta menganggu ketenteraman si penunggu hutan, Vijay telah diserapi roh pahlawan Melayu lama yang telah bersumpah akan mengakhiri dendamnya walau dengan apa cara sekalipun. “GANGGU KETENANGANKU, PETAKA HIDUPMU!”

Proximity And Distance

Author: Joseph Tobi
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900413798X
File Size: 52,21 MB
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The central feature of this book is an innovative critical approach, which understands medieval Hebrew poetry not only by revealing its ties with Arabic poetry but also by determining the specific characteristics by which it stubbornly distinguished itself from Arabic poetry.

Sarcophagi From The Jewish Catacombs Of Ancient Rome

Author: Adia Konikoff
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN: 9783515057738
File Size: 24,13 MB
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This comprehensive inventory of all known sarcophagi from the Jewish catacombs of Rome, is the first specialized treatment of this subject in monograph form. It describes and analyses each sarcophagus and provides full reference material which it critically examines. This work thus fills a lacuna in the literature on this field, which has up to now been confined to the treatment of early Christian and pagan sarcophagi of the period. ôWe have here a complete overview of the Jewish sarcophagi of ancient Rome, all of them illustrated by photographs and provided with extensive bibliographies. This work thus fills a lacuna in the literature on this field.ô Journal for the Study of Judaism ôUntil this book, however, no one has attempted to assemble all of the Jewish sarcophagi separately in one place and to provide relevant information in the form of a well-ordered catalogue. For this reason, Konikoff's book provides a welcome resource for anyone interested in the material evidence of ancient Judaism and forms a good beginning for study of the sarcophagi, especially from a bibliographic point of view.ô Gnomon .

Philosophers And Religious Leaders

Author: Christian von Dehsen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135951020
File Size: 73,34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Philosophers and Religious Leaders provides a synopsis of the lives and legacies of 200 men and women from the areas of religion and philosophy who have "changed the world." These individuals have developed, extended, or exemplified ideas fundamental to the way human beings perceive the meaning and purpose of their own lives and of their societies. Some have challenged prevailing convictions and worked for immediate change during their lifetimes; others have proposed new modes of thinking that have flourished only after their passing.