Addict Child

Author: Lesley Sefton
ISBN: 9781549868528
File Size: 66,16 MB
Format: PDF
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I wrote a blog which helped to save my daughter's life.Has your life been affected by addiction? Are you questioning if there is hope for recovery?Lesley Sefton's daughter, Laura, is an alcoholic drug abuser. Before addiction, Laura was a professional, beautiful woman. Longing for catharsis, Lesley began to write a blog charting Laura's life. Through layers of laughter and tears their mother and daughter relationship, disrupted by addiction, was explored.'There are times when my daughter is sober, when she is welcomed back in my life, but she drifts back out, taking my broken heart with her.'The feedback from the blog was huge and had an unexpected effect -- it opened Laura's bleary eyes to her condition and the love that surrounded her. It helped stop her spiralling descent and saved her life. When the blog was cut short due to police intervention, Laura urged Lesley to put the story into a book in the hope that it would help others in similar distress.Addict Child charts Laura's path and explores some of the contributing factors such as the role of genetics and the question of whether addiction is a disease or a life choice. It is a tale about fear, deceit and hopelessness, but also about love, grace and gratitude. And most of all, it is a shimmering testament to the restorative power of a mother's love.

Thin Wire

Author: Christine Lewry
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1780882955
File Size: 68,28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 926
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Thin Wire: A Mother’s Journey Through her Daughter’s Heroin Addiction is an honest and intimate account of heroin addiction told by both mother and daughter. Amber is introduced to drugs and becomes addicted without her mother’s knowledge. She meets a dealer who feeds her habit. Whilst living together, they are raided by the police. Bailed to her mother’s address with a £200-a-day addiction, Amber doesn’t think her family will accept her back when they discover the truth. When she’s charged by the police with dealing class A drugs and accepting stolen goods, she fears she’ll go to prison. Trying to feed her habit alone, Amber meets a fellow addict who offers to introduce her to prostitution. The prospect terrifies her, but will her mother help her?An unflinching story that looks at drug addiction from two different sides, Thin Wire will appeal to a diverse range of readers, in particular fans of autobiographies and memoirs, and is remiscent of Melvin Burgess’ Junk. The book’s concluding section offers two sets of personal guidelines; one for addicts, the other for parents or partners of addicts, while the in-depth, harrowing real life story vividly illustrates the difficulties of overcoming addiction. In a society where 50% of teenagers experiment with drugs, Amber is every mother’s child. She could be yours.

Blinded By Hope

Author: Meg McGuire
Publisher: She Writes Press
ISBN: 1631521268
File Size: 53,39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 7473
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One day a teenage boy gets on his bike and rides forty miles up California’s Pacific Coast Highway to avoid causing an earthquake he fears will endanger his mother and sister. But the quake he is experiencing is not coming from beneath the earth; it’s the onset of bipolar illness. Blinded by Hope describes what it’s like to have an unusually bright, creative child—and then to have that child suddenly be hit with an illness that defies description and cure. Over the years, McGuire attributes her son’s lost jobs, broken relationships, legal troubles, and periodic hospitalizations to the manic phase of his illness, denying the severity of his growing drug use—but ultimately, she has to face her own addiction to rescuing him, and to forge a path for herself toward acceptance, resilience, and love. A wakeup call about the epidemic of mental illness, substance abuse, and mass incarceration in our society, Blinded by Hope shines a light on the shadow of family dynamics that shame, ignorance, and stigma rarely let the public see, and asks the question: How does a mother cope when love is not enough?

The Strength To Let Go

Author: Jo Henry
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491761482
File Size: 26,37 MB
Format: PDF
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As I stood in the sunroom looking out the window, I thought I caught some movement in our backyard. I walked out onto the slate patio and peered into the dimly lit shrubbery when suddenly a figure dressed in black from head to toe emerged pointing a gun—at me! I immediately jerked both hands above my head. “Don’t shoot! Please don’t shoot,” I croaked. I could hear my own heart pounding in my ears. Our son, Mike had come through the front door just minutes before. I had a million questions only he could answer. How had it all come to this? Never in my wildest dreams—or nightmares—could I have imagined a SWAT team in my backyard. But I hadn’t imagined our son could become addicted to drugs either. Even though I was a trained counselor, I hadn’t seen disaster coming under our own roof. As we stumbled through the hell that surrounds addiction, my maternal instincts were driving me harder and harder to save Mike. I was consumed with fear as my well intentioned efforts were enabling his addiction and prolonging the inevitable. How could I find the strength to let go? Who will help Mike now? Will he find a special angel from his past to lead him out of this darkness? Will he win the battle to survive? Take a journey so real you will feel the pain and the joy of every twist and turn in the road to recovery. “If you, or someone you care for, is struggling with drugs or alcohol, Jo’s willingness to share her experience is both a blessing and a gift. I encourage you to take The Strength To Let Go home, find a quiet place to read uninterrupted, and open this gift.” John V. G. Mayton, retired program administrator of the DART facility, Goldsboro, NC, certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC), and certified substance abuse counselor (CSAC).

The Joey Song

Author: Sandra Swenson
Publisher: Central Recovery Press, LLC
ISBN: 1937612716
File Size: 37,48 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 9027
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The Joey Song illuminates the hard truth—sometimes addicts don’t recover. However, with love and faith, their families can.

Stay Close

Author: Libby Cataldi
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312538781
File Size: 67,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5394
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During his early teens, Jeff Bratton started using drugs. At first, alcohol and pot, but quickly he spiraled into using cocaine, ketamine, crystal meth and eventually heroin. How could this wonderful son, loving brother, and star athlete lose himself to drugs? How could his parents be so clueless? How could his mother, the long-term head of a private school, be so blind? “Stagli vicino”, an Italian recovering addict told the author. “Stay close—never leave him, even when he is most unlovable.” This is not a book about saving a child. It is a book about what it means to stay close to a loved one gripped by addiction. It is about one son who came home and one mother who never gave up hope. Stay Close is one mother’s tough, honest, and intimate tale that chronicles her son’s severe drug addiction, as it corroded all relationships from the inside out. It is a story of deep trauma and deep despair, but also of deep hope—and healing. Here is Libby Cataldi’s story about dealing with addiction without withdrawing love, learning to trust again while remaining attuned to lies, and the cautious triumph of staying clean one day at a time. He told her, “Mom, never quit believing.” And she didn’t.

Addict Behind Our Bedroom Door

Author: D. L. Wilson
Publisher: Newmark Press
ISBN: 9780976524120
File Size: 42,42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 8676
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A rare glimpse into a parent's worst nightmare. How do you help an addicted child? Drug abuse, heroin addiction and the opioid epidemic are rampant. Is one of your kids on drugs? If so you face many challenges dealing with teen drug use. Trying to help the user, keep your family and relationships intact and maintain your own sanity and life, will test you like nothing else. When you are swept up in the cyclone of a child's addiction, it is chaos. It is difficult to get a true perspective of what is happening around you so that you make the best decisions. This book will help you understand what is happening. 'Addict Behind Our Bedroom Door' chronicles the years D. L. and her husband spent struggling with the ravages of their daughter's mental illness and addiction. It is an honest, raw, unpolished look at what it is like to be in the storm of addiction with someone you love. D.L's journey is a testimony to the strength of a mother's love. It speaks to endurance and resiliency in the face of overwhelming despair and terror when a child is suffering from drug addiction. This is a story about setting boundaries for self-preservation. It gives permission to ask for help and removes the shame of parenting an addicted child. It is about letting go of guilt while simultaneously holding onto the wish that one day; the addict will get well. This story is about never giving up hope in the face of despair. It is about the promise that love can overcome the horror of addiction and loss. Locking the bedroom door at night did not keep the addiction out. It was always present, intruding and threatening the safety and security of their home. D.L's journey is a testimony to the strength of a mother's love. It is resiliency in the face of despair and fear. It is about setting boundaries while working tirelessly to overcome obstacles and hardship that sit in the way of a child's recovery. It is about never giving up or letting go of the promise to love and hope for healing.

If You Love Me

Author: Maureen Cavanagh
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1250297354
File Size: 47,68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4885
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Maureen Cavanagh’s gripping memoir is the story of a mother who suddenly finds herself on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic as her daughter battles—and ultimately reckons with—substance use disorder. Fast-paced and heartwarming, devastating and redemptive, Maureen’s incredible odyssey into the opioid crisis—first as a parent, then as an advocate—is ultimately a deeply moving mother-daughter story. When Maureen and her ex-husband Mike see their daughter Katie’s needle track marks for the first time, it is a complete shock. But, slowly, the drug use explains everything—Katie’s constant exhaustion, erratic moods, and all those spoons that have gone missing from the house. Once Mike and Maureen get Katie into detox, Maureen goes to sleep that night hoping that in 48 hours she’ll have her daughter back. It’s not that simple. Like the millions of parents and relatives all over the country—some of whom she has helped through her nonprofit organization—Maureen learns that recovery is neither straightforward nor brief. She fights to save Katie’s life, breaking down doors on the seedy side of town with Mike, kidnapping Katie outside a convenience store, and battling the taboo around substance use disorder in her picturesque New England town. Maureen is launched into the shadowy world of overcrowded, for-profit rehabilitation centers that often prey on worried parents. As Katie runs away from one program after another, never outrunning her pain, Maureen realizes that even while she becomes an expert on getting countless men and women into detox and treatment centers, she remains powerless to save her own daughter. Maureen's unforgettable story brings the opioid crisis out of the shadows and into the house next door.

Someone S Son

Author: Brenda Rhodes
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
ISBN: 1606150170
File Size: 32,43 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7302
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Sexual molestation . . . addiction . . . homosexuality . . .HIV/AIDS . . . illness and hospitalization . . . death.Sadly, these markers on life¿s road are familiar ones. Brenda Rhodes knows them well. In Someone¿s Son, Brenda describes how she watched her sensitive, creative son, Ronal Paul, self-destruct as he traveled down this path. She seemed powerless to pull him back to safety. Someone¿s Son is a memoir of personal tragedy, but it¿s more than that. It¿s an account of God¿s faithful love for a prodigal. Beginning with her own history, Rhodes unflinchingly writes of the years she strayed away from God. At the end of her resources, she heard Him urging her to let Him be God in her and her son¿s lives. She did, and she found hope at the end of the road. Someone¿s Son will touch your heart, stir your faith, and awaken your concern for those struggling with addiction and other serious issues. It will leave you with the confidence that when you encounter someone like Ronal Paul, you¿ll realize he or she is not just another drug addict or AIDS patient. She¿s someone¿s daughter¿and he¿s someone¿s son.


Author: June Ariano-Jakes
ISBN: 9780986701320
File Size: 52,14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6957
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Addiction: A Mother's Story follows the 23 year heroin and cocaine addiction of her deeply loved son through the eyes of his mother. It includes stories of all the various "players" that make up the world of drug use and the dramatic consequences of drug addiction within a family.