A Business Decision

Author: Lexi Buchanan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781977620170
File Size: 19,79 MB
Format: PDF
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Michael McKenzie works alongside his sister, Charlotte, and cousin, Alexander, at McKenzie Holdings, the company started so many years before by their fathers, Michael and Lucien. Even though it isn't easy living up to the reputation of the McKenzie Brothers, they're already making a name for themselves, and attract businessman, Mitchell Jordan. He comes to them with a proposal for building an exclusive resort on the beautiful Island of Santorini. Mitchell insists that Michael is to be the lead on the project, and with his sister preoccupied, and Alexander insisting that he needs to stay in Lexington, he graciously accepts. *** Brooke Jordan has always lived in the shadows of her socialite sister, which is why, when Carrie dares her to seduce their guest, she finds herself tempted. She's never so forward, in fact, she'd rather stay locked in her bedroom with a good book than spend time with others. Except were Michael McKenzie is concerned, she'd felt as though she'd been zapped with an electrical current when their eyes had met. So against her better judgement, she accepts her sisters dare. After the night spent in Michael's arms, Brooke can't wait to spend more time with him, except she should have been prepared for her sisters wrath. Catch up with the McKenzie family in this second installment of the McKenzie Cousins Series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexi Buchanan.

Baby Makes Three

Author: Lexi Buchanan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781547003457
File Size: 33,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Unconditional love. That's all Sirena McKenzie has ever wanted-someone who will love and cherish her forever, and be there for her through thick and thin. Just like the kind of love her parents have. But what she got was Harry Bennett-a man who can't keep his zipper up. Garrett Hudson gave up on romance a long time ago. When he meets Sirena, their connection is instant. She's beautiful, smart, and he loves that she appreciates romance. She's everything he thought he would never find in a woman...but she's also heavily pregnant. Sirena knows Garrett is the man of her dreams, but she's also realistic. No matter how strong their connection is, she's carrying another man's baby and she has no idea if Garrett can accept that. Catch up with the McKenzie family, in this first installment of the new McKenzie Cousins Series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexi Buchanan.

Secret Kisses

Author: Lexi Buchanan
ISBN: 9781986122955
File Size: 46,79 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Charlotte McKenzie has always been the one her siblings and cousins turn to when their love life goes south. She's always there with ready advice to help them move on. So why is she finding it so difficult to move on after the night she spent with Tanner Jackson? It was wrong on so many levels, but she couldn't have stopped that night for anything.Months later, and struggling to get into the spirit of Christmas, she travels to Montana to finally face the man who holds her heart in the palm of his hand.Tanner Jackson is engaged to be married to his high school sweetheart, who he discovered months before isn't as sweet as everyone thinks. It was at his lowest point that he met the beautiful Charlotte McKenzie at her sisters wedding to his godfather. Since then he's been preoccupied with remembering the night they'd spent together. Now though, he finds himself in a quandary; does he go ahead with the wedding to the woman he's known since he was fifteen, or does he go after the woman that his heart and soul crave?Winter comes quick and hard in Montana, and with Christmas around the corner, Tanner finds himself snowed in with a beautiful houseguest.Catch up with the McKenzie family in this third installment of the McKenzie Cousins Series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexi Buchanan.


Author: Heather McKenzie
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
ISBN: 1634222199
File Size: 44,76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Kidnapped and held hostage in the Rockies, a teenage heiress falls for her abductor while her corrupt father and devoted bodyguard fight to get her back. The discovery of true love and dark family secrets turns deadly in this epic coming of age adventure. Kaya Lowen dreams of living like a normal eighteen-year old, but being heiress to a billion-dollar company has put her life in constant danger. Fiercely guarded by her powerful and corrupt father, she develops close bonds with those who protect her, especially Oliver – a bodyguard who has proven his devotion to her time and again. He wins her heart - until a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger has her questioning everything she believes in. Haunted by true love and reeling from a guilty conscience, Kaya's world unravels when she's kidnapped. Held captive in a rugged wilderness fraught with raging storms, mystical caves and deadly predators, Kaya's father scours the forest and her bodyguard fights to get her back. But, the discovery of a dark family secret makes Kaya wonder if staying in the arms of her blue-eyed abductor—a captivating stranger with dark secrets of his own – is a safer place to be. At least, that's what her heart is telling her, her head is saying run... An epic adventure centered on a smoldering love-triangle, Serenade sings a timeless tale of courage, self-discovery, and life-or-death love that will leave you breathless. Perfect for fans of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, and Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. Young Adult Romance Books Contemporary Romance Teen Romance Novels Mystery Thrillers Suspense Emotions & Feelings Death & Dying Social Issues Coming of Age Action Adventure Contemporary Fiction Social Issues Crime Violence kidnapped romance teen love story YA mystery suspense contemporary romance modern survival stories thriller

No One Would Listen

Author: Harry Markopolos
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470625767
File Size: 65,59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Harry Markopolos and his team of financial sleuths discuss first-hand how they cracked the Madoff Ponzi scheme No One Would Listen is the thrilling story of how the Harry Markopolos, a little-known number cruncher from a Boston equity derivatives firm, and his investigative team uncovered Bernie Madoff's scam years before it made headlines, and how they desperately tried to warn the government, the industry, and the financial press. Page by page, Markopolos details his pursuit of the greatest financial criminal in history, and reveals the massive fraud, governmental incompetence, and criminal collusion that has changed thousands of lives forever-as well as the world's financial system. The only book to tell the story of Madoff's scam and the SEC's failings by those who saw both first hand Describes how Madoff was enabled by investors and fiduciaries alike Discusses how the SEC missed the red flags raised by Markopolos Despite repeated written and verbal warnings to the SEC by Harry Markopolos, Bernie Madoff was allowed to continue his operations. No One Would Listen paints a vivid portrait of Markopolos and his determined team of financial sleuths, and what impact Madoff's scam will have on financial markets and regulation for decades to come.

The Drunkard S Walk

Author: Leonard Mlodinow
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307275175
File Size: 25,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 8371
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An irreverent look at how randomness influences our lives, and how our successes and failures are far more dependent on chance events than we recognize.


Author: Cidney Swanson
Publisher: Williams Press
ISBN: 098356213X
File Size: 67,14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8407
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Sam and Will flee to France to meet Sir Walter—their best hope for stopping Helmann’s plan to establish a new Thousand-Year Reign. Now Sam will have to figure out how to hide from an enemy she can’t see. ebook of dystopian teen romance Keywords: Teen, YA, YA ebook, thriller, YA from a bestselling author, book in a series, fantasy book, dystopian teen, invisibility, action and adventure, science fiction, teen wolf, the one hundred, love and romance, Anthea Lawson, Brenda Hiatt, Terah Edun, Eva Pohler, Allie Burton, Ednah Walters, fairy tale

A Mckenzie Christmas

Author: Lexi Buchanan
ISBN: 9781523358694
File Size: 54,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Spend December with each of the McKenzie siblings as they start their own family traditions and try to keep the romance alive with the stress of the season. Michael and Lily struggle to find a private moment together when the twins and new baby constantly need their attention. Sebastian is aware of something that Carla should have known well before him. Ruben and Rosie find the spirit of Christmas on the ice, and move forward with their life in a surprise that Ruben has planned. Lucien is still haunted by ghosts of his past, but with Sabrina's help, he's finally able to move past them. Ramon and Noah spend the evening of their wedding preparing for their honeymoon. (MM explicit chapter) And the Epilogue, well, you'll have to read the novella... NT Times & USA Today Bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan brings you a novella to wrap up the McKenzie series. Reading Order #1 Seduce #1.5 The Wedding #2 Rapture #3 Delight #4 Entice #5 Cherished

The Other Queen

Author: Philippa Gregory
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416549129
File Size: 33,85 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5204
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Presents a tale inspired by the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, in a work that follows the doomed monarch's long imprisonment in the household of the Earl of Shrewsbury and his spying wife, Bess.


Author: Christopher Dummitt
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773549390
File Size: 18,96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1307
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When Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King died in 1950, the public knew little about his eccentric private life. In his final will King ordered the destruction of his private diaries, seemingly securing his privacy for good. Yet twenty-five years after King’s death, the public was bombarded with stories about "Weird Willie," the prime minister who communed with ghosts and cavorted with prostitutes. Unbuttoned traces the transformation of the public’s knowledge and opinion of King’s character, offering a compelling look at the changing way Canadians saw themselves and measured the importance of their leaders’ personal lives. Christopher Dummitt relates the strange posthumous tale of King’s diary and details the specific decisions of King’s literary executors. Along the way we learn about a thief in the public archives, stolen copies of King’s diaries being sold on the black market, and an RCMP hunt for a missing diary linked to the search for Russian spies at the highest levels of the Canadian government. Analyzing writing and reporting about King, Dummitt concludes that the increasingly irreverent views of King can be explained by a fundamental historical transformation that occurred in the era in which King’s diaries were released, when the rights revolution, Freud, 1960s activism, and investigative journalism were making self-revelation a cultural preoccupation. Presenting extensive archival research in a captivating narrative, Unbuttoned traces the rise of a political culture that privileged the individual as the ultimate source of truth, and made Canadians rethink what they wanted to know about politicians.